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Phoebe Connelly is a former web editor of the Prospect. Previously, she was managing editor of In These Times. She writes on political culture, human rights and feminism.

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Virgins Are Using Condoms!

Terrible timing for me, eh? My look at the decline in public messaging around STI prevention hits the Web, and lookie here, a new CDC study shows condom use is up, particularly among those having intercourse for the first time. Well, a couple of things. First, the study released today is focused on preventing pregnancy, not sexually transmitted infections. (Title: National Survey of Family Growth.) So while it's encouraging to see an increase in condom use, it doesn't really get into the specifics of how effective that use is. Interestingly, the survey did ask questions aimed at determining whether women who use the pill as their primary form of contraception are also using condoms. The total number of women using condoms as their primary method is 6.2 million, but an additional 2.4 million women are using condoms as a back-up or secondary method. What sticks with me is this: Condom use is up, which is great. But you know what else is up? STIs and new cases of HIV infection. Women's...

A Guided Tour of the Tweetchive.

Here's a quick video tour of the Library of Congress IT department. The very place your tweets will be archived : Awesome quote from Thomas Youkel , an information technology specialist with the LOC, who does not have a Twitter account: "What -- am I gonna send my wife a tweet that says I'm going to be late for dinner?" --Phoebe Connelly

Max Palevsky, 1924 - 2010.

Max Palevsky , who died Wednesday at 85 at his Beverly Hills home, was, among much else, one of the first major donors (if not the first -- I leave it to Bob and Paul to sort this out) who provided the funds to get a fledgling magazine called The American Prospect up and running 20 years ago. But my own contacts with and knowledge of Max came as a campaign consultant for liberal causes and candidates decades ago in Los Angeles, where Max had already established his turf as one of the biggest, smartest, and most intellectually rigorous liberal funders in the nation. A gifted mathematician, Palevsky founded and built Scientific Data Systems, an early computer company, which he sold to Xerox in 1969 for a little less than a billion dollars -- real money in those days. (He later helped found Intel.) With the Vietnam War raging, he soon became involved in efforts to end it, and in 1971 and ’72, he plunged his resources into the underdog campaign of the most outspoken peace candidate in the...

White House Garden Not Organic? Doesn't Matter.

Over at GOOD, Andrew Price notes an AP report that the White House isn't calling its vegetable garden organic. "Does it matter," Price asks "if it's not organic?" The original AP report quotes Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass: "To come out and say (organic) is the one and only way, which is how this would be interpreted, doesn't make any sense. ... This is not about getting into all that. This is about kids." We have to remember that organic doesn't mean good . Folks use it to mean "healthy" or "sustainable" when the truth is you can get organic junk food . And while the back-to-the-earth movement that pushed organic into the mainstream (take a look at Oregon Tilth , which has been certifying things organic since 1982), had an encompassing vision of what organic means for our relationship to land and food production, the organic certification that your Whole Paycheck Foods apples receive comes from the Feds, and it's not cheap for farmers to obtain. The upshot of that is that not...