Ramindar Singh

Ramindar Singh is currently a Shorenstein fellow at Harvard
University's Kennedy School of Government. He is a former Nieman fellow and
former editor of The Times of India in New Delhi.

Recent Articles

Controlling Pakistan's Nukes:

B attalions of reporters and analysts who have been scouring the tinderbox region of South Asia and Central Asia since October 7--the start of the bombing of Taliban and al-Qaeda hideouts--have missed the significance of one of the biggest stories unfolding right under their noses in Pakistan. There is a good deal of circumstantial evidence that Americans have taken charge of the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons and fissionable material. One can piece this story together from apparently unconnected bits of information, much of it public, that I have confirmed with public officials whom I trust. In order to avoid humiliating Pakistan, neither the United States nor Pakistan will confirm this shift--especially since every Pakistani regime to date has projected the possession of nuclear weapons as a matter of national pride and as a way to keep its neighbor India in check. But a big hint of U.S. involvement came from Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar himself. Addressing a press...