Robert Kuttner

Robert Kuttner is co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect, and professor at Brandeis University's Heller School. His latest book is Debtors' Prison: The Politics of Austerity Versus Possibility. He writes columns for The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe and the New York Times international edition. 

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Why Britain Is Likely to Remain in the E.U.

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(Photo: AP) British Prime Minister David Cameron meets with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at EU headquarters in Brussels on June 28. T he signs are increasing that Britain, after a period of muddle, will not exit the European Union after all. Prime Minister David Cameron, the man who caused this needless mess by creating a referendum to try to paper over a factional dispute in his Tory party, is stepping down. But Cameron has made clear that he will not invoke the formal exit process under Article 50 of the E.U.’s Lisbon Treaty. He is leaving that to his yet-to-be-voted successor. As The Guardian observed, Cameron is thus handing his successor a “poisoned chalice.” As the horrific implications of British withdrawal are becoming clearer, and as many voters who supported Brexit are having buyers’ remorse, it is hard to imagine the next British prime minister invoking Article 50 without an affirmative vote of the House of Commons, And with about three-quarters of M.P...

Trump, Over-Exposed

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AP Photo/LM Otero Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Gilley's in Dallas, Thursday, June 16, 2016. An earlier version of this article appeared at The Huffington Post . F or months, we have been waiting for Donald Trump to implode. No matter how grotesque his claims, no matter how tone-deaf his behavior, his sheer gassiness has kept Trump aloft. But maybe, finally, his bizarre attempts to use the massacre in Orlando for his own cynical purposes have crossed a line. A terrorist attack was supposed to be good for Trump, but this turned out to be a domestic hate crime. Trump so bungled his response, got so consumed by his own narcissism, that voters got to see which candidate was the better president in a crisis—and it wasn’t Trump. Maybe, finally, Trump is over-exposed—his own worst enemy. Over-exposure is an occupational risk of media celebrities. Maybe, belatedly, we will get to see Trump crash and burn. But what exactly would that mean? Nobody—and I...

Clinton, Warren, and the Vice Presidency

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AP Photo/Paul Holston Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leaves her Washington home after meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Friday, June 10, 2016. This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post . Q uiz: Who is the one member of the president’s cabinet who can’t be fired? A. Attorney General B. Secretary of State C. Director of Central Intelligence D. Vice President The answer, of course, is D. Elizabeth Warren is an attractive candidate for Hillary Clinton’s running mate on several grounds, but the potential deal breaker is item D. What president would want a vice president with her own fixed constitutional office, her own national power base, and the willingness to use it to possibly defy her president? But overriding even that concern is the fact that Clinton may conclude she needs Warren to assure her own election. Only on that basis is she likely to turn to Warren. All other considerations pale in comparison with that one. Warren will get the nod if...