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Sam Rosenfeld is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard University and a former web editor at the Prospect.

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MUCH ADO ABOUT NO CHANGE. As predicted, those wild and crazy members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided to keep their feet off both the brake and the accelerator, holding interest rates steady at 5.25%, where it has been stuck since June last year. That was widely expected. The important thing is that, despite new evidence that the economy is slowing, their accompanying statement was virtually unchanged from that of their last meeting. I think they're falling behind the curve, and that could have serious negative consequences for economic growth.


NEW SITE. As I promised just a "short" while ago (prior to a configuration error that held up the changeover), the new site is now up. There are some kinks -- blog commenting kinks, log-in kinks, url redirecting kinks, etc. We're working on 'em. Kinks aside, this is what the place looks like now. Hope you like it. --Sam Rosenfeld


BLINDERS ON. If you're interested in reading more from economist Alan Blinder concerning the work that's apparently garnering him weird looks and accusations of apostasy from colleagues, see his article from the November print issue of the Prospect , " Outsourcing: Bigger Than You Thought ." --Sam Rosenfeld


WOLFOWITZ IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. Reuters makes it pretty clear that Paul Wolfowitz is not long for his job: The bank's board of shareholder nations will meet as soon as Tuesday, possibly followed by a second meeting, to decide whether Paul Wolfowitz will be forced out or given the chance to negotiate his departure, according to board sources who declined to be identified. According to the sources, it is virtually impossible for Wolfowitz to stay on as president for the rest of his term because of the damage to the bank's credibility and its ability to be effective in its mission to reduce global poverty. Mark Kleiman and Kevin Drum both point out the starkest evidence yet that Wolfowitz had been intentionally misleading in public statements about how he handled his girlfriend's transfer -- the immediate, personal scandal embroiling him right now really does seem to be legit and real. Given that fact, particularly in light of his emphasized anti-corruption agenda, it's hard to imagine...

Welcome to the New TAP Online

A letter from the editors explaining why it's so great.

As you may have noticed, things look a lot different around here. It had been several years since The American Prospect Online upgraded its website and, well, it showed. The design was outdated, the functionality problematic, the structure pretty static. As we expanded the amount and variety of our content, it became increasingly clear that the time had come to revamp, both in terms of design and (just as importantly) the back-end. Today you see the results, which we're pretty darn happy with, and hope you will be too. Our new look was designed by Brown and Ryan , our Content Management System (the technical stuff) is by BrowserMedia , and the whole thing was made possible by support from the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy. Here's what to expect: If you're reading this, that means you've successfully managed to register and log in to the site. Just to reiterate, that registration is completely free -- no strings attached -- and only something you'll have to do once on your...