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Sam Rosenfeld is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard University and a former web editor at the Prospect.

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"WINNING THE CRITICAL WAR OF WILL." Via K-Lo, Fred Thompson endorses the Green Lantern theory of foreign policy in his response to Harry Reid's critique of General Peter Pace.


LEFT IN THE WEST. The Hill discusses recent changes that have improved Democrats' '08 Senate prospects a bit. Several of them are happening in the West, where, as we've been hearing for a while, Democrats have been resurgent and well-placed to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. To be momentarily callous here, the death of Republican Senator Craig Thomas in Wyoming opens up a seat Republicans will have to defend next year; though the state's governor is Democratic, that obviously remains a deeply red state and would be a tough prospect.


ON IT GOES. Though efforts by some war supporters to characterize last year's bombing of the Shia Imam al-Askari mosque in Samarra as the original instigator of serious sectarian bloodletting in Iraq were completely bogus, it's true that that attack caused an intense uproar and signified a worsening of the civil war. The mosque was attacked again today, and its two minarets were destroyed (its golden dome was destroyed in the first attack). Demonstrations have already begun.


FERGUSON'S FACT-LESS CHECK OF GORE. In Sunday's Washington Post, Weekly Standard senior editor Andrew Ferguson had a little hit job on Al Gore's new book, built around Gore's citation of an Abraham Lincoln quote which, according to Ferguson, has been falsely attributed to The Great Emancipator. Here's how Ferguson opens the piece:


HARDBALL. Here's Ezra:

Note that Ezra managed to actually stop Matthews in his tracks for a nanosecond right off the bat with his green-card-for-snitching-on-illegal-employers proposal. Nicely done.