Sarah Babbage

Sarah Babbage is a TAP Fall 2010 intern.

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Lightning Round: Same Old Senate.

Senators mostly agree that the reporting requirements for small businesses in the health-care bill are going to create more headaches than they’re worth. Two different bills to reform the system were debated today, both stymied by partisan bickering. To Ezra Klein , it's just another day in the Senate. “The reality is that if the Senate didn't rely on rules that require supermajorities to pass anything, the 1099 requirement would've been reformed today,” he says. “As it is, the incentives for party-line voting are stronger than the incentives to make good policy.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to argue that all the Bush tax cuts should be extended because it's not lost tax revenue generated by Republicans that's caused massive government deficits; it's -- you guessed it -- profligate Democrat spending: “Democrats spent the last two years putting government in charge of health care, the financial sector, car companies, insurance companies, student loans — you name it...