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Sarah Laskow is a journalist based in New York.

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Lesser Evils in Energy

Over at Grist, Dave Roberts is publishing installments of an interesting conservation he had with The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal about Powering the Dream, Madrigal's new book on the history of green-energy technology.

Yesterday, Madrigal made a great, overarching point about the gap between environmentalists and clean-energy advocates, who in recent years increasingly have come together to fight climate change. But, as he said, the flexibility with which the two groups approach the relevant issues differs:

Pawlenty's Prescience on Fundraising in Arizona

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty is introducing his supporters to his finance team this morning, and it caught my attention that one of his finance consultants, Andrea Evans, is focusing on Arizona.

Evans is based in Phoenix and worked on McCain's 2008 campaign as Arizona's finance director, so it's not surprising that the Pawlenty campaign assigned her to this turf. But I don't automatically think of Arizona as an important state for presidential fundraising, and the other consultants on Pawlenty's list are attached to states like Texas and California -- places that traditionally shell out in a big way during election season.

Peter King Knows His Constituents

As Adam wrote yesterday, Rep. Peter King's hearings on Muslim radicalization were "relatively sane." But I just wanted to point to another piece of evidence that shows why King feels comfortable, even satisfied, with the work he's doing. His stance is very much in tune with the political views of his constituents, as documented in this video:

Tsunamis and Vertical Evacuation

The emergency preparedness community is pretty good at handling the sort of problem that the tsunami poses to Hawaii and the West Coast today. There's plenty of lead time to warn people to get away from the coasts and onto high land. But as FEMA warns in this report on tsunami preparedness, there's a category of tsunamis, where the waves come on quick and fast, where those sorts of skills won't matter: