Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a journalist based in New York.

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Waiting on the New York Senate to Come Around

It's painful how close New York is to passing a same-sex marriage bill. The governor supports it; the state assembly supports it. Exactly half of 62 state senators support it. If one more senator would sign on, it would pass. But [after a four hour meeting]( discussing the bill this afternoon, Senate leaders would still not commit to bringing the bill to the floor.

Charisma and the Candidate

As a campaigner, [**Mitt Romney** is awkward]( It's surprising that he's as awkward as he is, because he made his career in business, where charisma is valued as an X factor that makes CEOs great. A quick search on Forbes reveals a wealth of tips to cultivate charisma, and it seems like someone as ambitious as Romney must have spent hours reading these sort of how-tos.

House Republicans: See, We Do Support Renewable Energy!

House Republicans might hate climate change but apparently they support renewable energy projects, as long as they're being built on public lands. The House Committee on Natural Resources, the same group of people that led the charge against the Obama administration's wild lands policy, this afternoon [put forward a different vision]( for what those lands should be used for: they released a set of bills designed to speed development of wind and geothermal power in places like the Outer Continental Shelf, South Dakota, and Idaho.

Light Bulbs and Last-Ditch Climate Solutions

[Via Andrew Sullivan](, I'm reminded that a lot of conservative-minded people are annoyed about the impending switch away from incandescent bulbs. Their argument is that the government is taking away small freedoms and the power of the market by restricting bulb choice. At Bloomberg Views, [Virginia Postrel suggested](

The Campaign to Cut Government Waste: Efficiency Theater

Ah, waste, fraud, and abuse. Nobody likes those, do they? Of course not! That's why the Obama administration is going to eliminate it. A lot of it. Just don't ask exactly what. Or how.