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That from the lips of televangelist and Mike Huckabee pal Kenneth Copeland , describing his response to Sen. Charles Grassley's investigation into his use of non-profit donor funds for his family's personal use, and to fund for-profit enterprises run by the Copeland family. Copeland was shown Tuesday night on CBS News making that statement to his annual ministry conference -- the same conference at which he raised money for Huckabee . Take a look at the video for more clips of Copeland, interviews with ex-ministry employees who saw donor money funneled to for-profit purposes, and shots of Copeland's house sprawling mansion, and fleet of jets: Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that Copeland is denying that he endorsed or raised money for Huckabee during his ministers' conference last week: Russ Florence of Tulsa, Okla., a spokesman for Copeland, said in a statement that the event did not amount to an endorsement of Huckabee by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. He said Huckabee's...

The FundamentaList (No. 19)

Answering the big questions about evangelical Democrats, the "new evangelical agenda," and divisions in the religious right vote.

1. Are Evangelical Voters Still Conservative? Last week, Beliefnet released the results of its new online poll which showed that although evangelical voters remain largely conservative, issues at the top of their agenda are increasingly aligned with those at the top of the progressive agenda. Although the poll was not scientific, its results reflect what many see as the changing face of the evangelical movement. While a majority of self-described evangelicals said they remain committed to the Christian right leadership, they're recognizing the need to address issues like global warming, poverty, and torture. Most Christian right leaders have resisted this change, but they've yet to see a significant backlash from their constituents. The religious right leadership remains well-funded, well-organized, and committed to the same core issues from which they will not budge. And even evangelicals touted as "new" or "less conservative" remain committed to some of those core issues as well...


As I reported last week, according to former Bush adviser Doug Wead , a person attending televangelist and Grassley target Kenneth Copeland's invitation-only ministers' conference last week reported that Copeland "reconvened" the group as a "private meeting" and raised some emergency campaign funds for Mike Huckabee . IRS rules prevent tax-exempt organizations from using their resources to endorse or campaign for a candidate. Last week, Kenneth Copeland Ministries did not respond to TAP 's request for comment. This morning, the Trinity Foundation, a Dallas televangelist watchdog group, has posted video clips of Copeland at the conference, in which which he describes a conversation he had with Huckabee last year about the Grassley investigation. Copeland says that "at the Lord's instruction," he had invited Huckabee to appear on his television program, which was taped before the Grassley investigation broke. Copeland then asked the candidate ordained minister of the gospel whether he...


For anyone interested in learning a little more about what's inside the pages of my new book, God's Profits , about prosperity televangelists and the Republican Party, you can check it out via radio and on the web this weekend. I'll be a guest on the Air America program Ring of Fire , and, if you missed the interview I did on the Bob Edwards Show on XM Radio this week, it will be replayed on the public radio stations listed here this weekend. And on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. EST, I'll be discussing the book at the Firedoglake Book Salon . --Sarah Posner


Update to my post from yesterday :This morning I received an e-mail from Wead, who advised me that his source, "usually reliable, called back to say 'yikes.'" Turns out Copeland pulled in only (only!) $111,000 in cash for Huckabee, with about a million in pledged donations. Wead has also updated his own post . --Sarah Posner