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The FundamentaList (No. 12)

Barnstorming Iowa for Huckabee, Romney's JFK Speech, scare tactics on the Fairness Doctrine and school anti-bullying legislation, and an explanation of the $23,000 commode.

1. Evangelicals Campaign for Huckabee in Iowa Former Baptist minister Mike Huckabee might be the king of the folksy one-liner, but charm alone doesn't explain the recent explosion of conservative Christian support for him in Iowa. According to the Washington Post , Huckabee has gotten more than a little boost from another king, the master of a coveted e-mail list of 71 million Christian voters. Randy Brinson, formerly of the Alabama Christian Coalition and now head of Redeem the Vote, has, according to the Post , provided 414,000 contacts for Huckabee in Iowa alone, a full quarter of all expected caucus-goers. Redeem the Vote is a Christian organization devoted to registering young people to vote; it has been hailed as the second coming of the Christian right -- this time in a less divisive package. Huckabee's alliance with Brinson goes back to 2004, when he agreed to serve as the chair of the organization's advisory committee. Brinson has been lauded as a new voice for politically...

Why the GOP Won't Get Behind Huckabee

Why hasn't this charmer with a perfect record on the right's core social litmus tests not already wrapped up the Republican nomination? Look no further than the uber-conservatives who are spitting mad that he's too nice to poor people and foreigners.

During a media conference call in October, when he was riding high from his strong showing at the Values Voter Summit, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was asked how his populist economic message would sell to financially strapped Michigan voters. After arguing that a thriving stock market doesn't exactly resonate with working-class voters, Huckabee chastised his fellow Republicans for "read[ing] right off the Republican National Committee talking points" on the economy during this fall's GOP debate in Dearborn. It was a stunning statement, with Huckabee sounding like he was reading from the opposing party's talking points as he accused Republicans of being too "busy going to upscale, nice parties with folks who haven't been impacted by a downturn in the economy." But Huckabee will say those sorts of things and then just amble on as if he hadn't frontally insulted the very people whose support he seeks, like when he accused Christian conservatives of being "more intoxicated with...


Perhaps an endorsement from Lynchburg is not far behind? Jerry Falwell, Jr. endorsed Huckabee this morning. Also, for the first time, Huckabee is ahead in Iowa, according to a Rasmussen poll , three points up on Romney , 16 points up on Giuliani , and 17 points up on Thompson . --Sarah Posner


Mike Huckabee is appearing all this week on televangelist Kenneth Copeland 's Believers' Voice of Victory program, and in the first two episodes, there was a lot of discussion about "character," "integrity," and "excellence." All that talk didn't move Copeland to mention either Sen. Chuck Grassley 's probe of his ministry or the Oral Roberts University scandal, but he did display a keen understanding that he shouldn't be using his non-profit television ministry to bolster his friend Huckabee's candidacy. He began each program with the meaningless disclaimer that Huckabee was appearing as an ordained minister, but not a candidate. Oh, and by the way, he's running for president. Copeland echoed other Huckabee supporters' praise, talking about "God's anointing and calling on this man." He then launched into a discussion of how America's universities have been "dumbed down," but that the standards are higher at Christian schools, including at ORU, which Copeland said demands "excellence...

The FundamentaList (No. 11)

More on the Oral Roberts scandal, Christian Zionists protest Annapolis summit, and what would it take for the Christian right to support Giuliani?

1. Conflicting Signals on Christian Right Support for Giuliani Rudy Giuliani, on the heels of his Pat Robertson endorsement , is getting signals from other Christian right leaders that his promises to appoint "strict constructionist" judges are not enough: To win over the base, he has to vow to nominate judges dedicated to overturning Roe v. Wade . Will he do it? Let the flip-flop watch begin. In a speech to the conservative legal group the Federalist Society a couple of weeks ago, Giuliani pledged allegiance to rounding out a conservative majority anchored by Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito. But he managed to talk about strict construction without once mentioning Roe , much to the chagrin of some members of his target audience. And that was in all likelihood deliberate, since Giuliani apparently believes that part of what makes a strict constructionist is an adherence to precedent -- even what a judge considers to be bad precedent -- and therefore a...