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Sarah Posner is an investigative journalist, author, and an expert on the intersection of religion and politics. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, The Nation, Salon, The Washington Post, and Religion Dispatches. Read more at her website,


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The world according to Reps. Marsha Blackburn and Jean Schmidt (panelists for "The 'Right' Women of the House"):

Good: abstinence education.
Bad: Gardisil.

Good: Cord blood.
Bad: Embryonic stem cell research.

Good: Family Research Council.
Bad: Emily's List.

Good: Us.
Bad: Nancy Pelosi.

Really. There's not much more to it than that.

--Sarah Posner


Expected to drop out of the race later today in his native Kansas, Sam Brownback came to the Values Voters Summit this morning to give not a stump speech but a call to action. Without a mention of his expected withdrawal -- or the presidential race at all -- Brownback was a striking counterpoint to John McCain, who preceded him with a lackluster, passionless speech. McCain, who got a stony reception for his inclusion of war on terror detainees in his call to treat all life as sacred, seemed uninspired and even bored with his own overtold stories of being tortured as a POW.

The FundamentaList (No. 5)

"Values Voters" flirt with Romney, Third Way debunks the myth of the "evangelical monolith," and Ann Coulter's remarks create some strange bedfellows.

1. Signs Point to an Evangelical Revival for Romney; Prince of Darkness Thinks Christians Heart Giuliani

With the Family Research Council/Focus on the Family "Values Voter" Summit just days away, FRC President Tony Perkins hinted to reporters that Mitt Romney's Mormonism isn't such a big deal after all. Perkins' cult-shmult conference call came on the heels of evangelical public relations guru Mark DeMoss sending a five-page letter of support for Romney to evangelical leaders. (DeMoss, who has worked with many major evangelical figures, including the late Jerry Falwell, has volunteered for Romney's campaign since last year.)

The FundamentaList (No. 4)

Dobson courts Pentecostals, scandal rocks Oral Roberts University, a Christian men's organization tries to regroup, and does shalom mean peace to Christian Zionists?

1. Third Parties and the Fourth Estate

The FundamentaList (No. 3)

Will the Christian right name its own third-party candidate? Reaching out to Jews who missed Jesus, and a Christian stance on global warming.

1. A Third Party Christian Right Candidate? Not a Chance.