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Scott Lemieux is an assistant professor of political science at the College of Saint Rose. He contributes to the blogs Lawyers, Guns, and Money and Vox Pop.

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FOUR THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN READING GONZALES V. CRAHART. As an antidote to the inevitable chorus of fake moderates arguing that yesterday's abortion case is no big deal, four things to keep in mind as you ponder today's decision:


ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. As Dana notes below, the Supreme Court has upheld the federal "Partial Birth" Abortion Ban Act, which as I have argued in detail, was 1) inevitable with Alito's appointment to the Court, and 2) very bad. It was, I suppose, also inevitable that it would come down while I'm on the road, and I therefore haven't finished reading the decision yet.


SELECTIVE OUTRAGE. To follow up on Matt and Atrios, Radley Balko asks his readers if they've heard of James Giles. Giles, like the three men in the Duke rape case, was falsely accused of rape.


THE ABSTINENCE-ONLY FRAUD. You may have heard the shocking news that state-funded moralizing adults telling teenagers not to have sex do not, in fact, prevent teenagers from having sex. Interestingly, several states -- not all of them liberal and coastal -- have started to turn down the abjectly useless federal funding they're being offered:


DIMENSIONS OF CORRUPTION. Obviously, Paul Wolfowitz's personal corruption is both bad in itself and undermines the anti-corruption principles he's purportedly trying to bring to the World Bank. As John Cassidy's recent profile informs us, however, there's another major example of his rather selective application of anti-corruption principles. First, there's his hiring of Bush administration cronies who weren't involved in the formal search process to crucial positions.