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Scott Lemieux is an assistant professor of political science at the College of Saint Rose. He contributes to the blogs Lawyers, Guns, and Money and Vox Pop.

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UNDER THE RADAR. To follow up on Rob and Ezra 's posts, it's important to emphasize the extent to which regulatory and judicial activity have become crucial to Republican undermining of various New Deal and Great Society programs. A couple years ago, Brad DeLong and Matt Yglesias pointed out that conservatives achieved power only by largely abjuring the rollback of social welfare, civil rights, and environmental legislation they had been their central goals. This is true, but also somewhat misleading . As Mike Tomasky , while discussing the (to put it charitably) historic misjudgment of Nader supporters, put it : In every agency of government, at every level, there are political appointees who are interpreting federal rules and regulations and deciding how much effort will really be put into pursuing federal discrimination cases, for instance, or illegal toxic dumping. These are the people who are, in fact, the federal government. The kinds of people who fill those slots in a...


ONGOING REPORTS FROM THE DEATH OF SATIRE. Tapped 's own J. Goodrich : "Of course [Joe] Klein is not alone with these feelings. Joan Walsh at Salon points out that other commentators were also relieved to finally find someone that matched their idea of a manly Democrat ... Cooties are scary. And girls have them." Andrew Sullivan and Howard Fineman , this week on the Chris Matthews Show ("Millionaire Pundit Values on a Cable Access Budget!"): SULLIVAN (1/28/07): I think she�s been a very sensible senator. I think -- find it hard to disagree with her on the war. But when I see her again, all me -- all the cootie-vibes resurrect themselves. I�m sorry -- PANEL: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! HOWARD FINEMAN: That�s a technical term! SULLIVAN: I must represent a lot of people. I actually find her positions appealing in many ways. I just can�t stand her. Linda Hirshman should take note that all of the people in question who prioritize junior-high-school personality impressions over policy in fact have...


TWO SMEARS IN ONE. Brothers Yglesias and Klein say most of what needs to be said in re: Jonah Goldberg 's ridiculous Charles Lindbergh smear . Evidently, this is similar to what happened after the release of the Mearsheimer/Walt paper. As it happens, I don't actually think M/W made their case ; granting that assessing the impact of interest groups is one of the thorniest questions in political science (untangling the cause/effect relationships is almost impossible), I think much of their anaylsis was tendentious and unpersuasive. But the point of calling otherwise distinguished scholars anti-Semites with no independent evidence (or comparing them to David Duke ) is not to debate the very open question about the role of the pro-Israel lobby on American foreign policy but to prevent the important questions from even being asked. The beauty of using Lindbergh is that it gives you two smears for the price of one. Another routine we've been seeing recently is attempts by various Bush dead-...


THE CLINTON RULES: A CASE STUDY. Atrios details the case of Wayne Dumond --a convicted rapist who was released under heavy pressure from governor and likely Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee , and subsequently raped and murdered at least one and probably two women. As Atrios says, this wouldn't necessarily be a massive black stain on Huckabee's record -- as long as we don't keep everyone in jail forever, such tragedies are inevitable -- except that the pressure in this case came from paranoid fantasizing about Bill Clinton . I was particularly amazed to see this article in the Voice , which is very representative of writing about Clinton "scandals": DuMond had been accused of raping a Clinton cousin in 1984 and was hog-tied and castrated before he even went to trial. He used to be enraged about it, especially when the cracker sheriff, who was a pal of the rape victim's father, scooped up DuMond's balls, put them in a jar, and showed them off. "They were mine. Those were...


PICK UP YOUR MONEY AND PACK UP YOUR TENT, YOU AIN"T GON' NOWHERE. As another piece of evidence for the Schmitt / Plumer / Marshall thesis that John McCain 's presidential campaign is stillborn, I see that in a poll of major right-wing bloggers McCain has a remarkably high "least desirable" ranking, barely less than Republican Lieberman Chuck Hagel and considerably higher than the widely-disliked no-hoper George Pataki . Obviously, this means less than his rejection by James Dobson , but it's suggestive of the basic underlying dynamic: Saint McCain's relentless pandering to cultural reactionaries and shilling for a catastrophic and unpopular war has destroyed his standing among independents without helping his standing with the base. (And although I'm much less convinced by Mark's prediction that Gingrich will be the nominee, I should note that he did actually garner first place in the "most desirable" survey.) I wonder what a similar poll of liberal bloggers would show? --Scott Lemieux