Scott Winship

Scott Winship is a doctoral candidate in social policy at Harvard's Kennedy School, and a co-founder of New Vision, a new student-led think tank on social policy

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No End of Ideology, Round 2

I am glad my piece on the netroots and ideology attracted the thoughtful comments of Mark Schmitt and the Prospect 's own Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias . In a companion response on my blog, I have answered the criticisms of bloggers and activists Chris Bowers and Sterling Newberry. I urge anyone who is interested in this debate to consult both responses. Answering the substantive criticism of Mark, Ezra, and Matt deserves a thoughtful response, and I hope I can narrow our differences here. I do want to emphasize from the outset that the arguments I have made and make below are mine and not the views of my employer, The Democratic Strategist . The Strategist takes no stand on this or any other issue, being dedicated to empiricism and to engaging all factions of the Democratic Party. Let me start with Ezra's comments. Ezra argues first that the netroots is so politically diverse that its members will inevitably throw their support to different Democratic candidates in the 2008 primary...

No End of Ideology

Tuesday's Connecticut primary race between Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont is not about the netroots. The outcome will be a referendum on Lieberman's Iraq stance, his coziness with President Bush, and his attention to his constituents, as well as Lamont's qualifications. But you can bet that if Lieberman loses, both the netroots -- the online activists organized around political blogs -- and their moderate critics will agree that the netroots community is responsible. That's because neither side has forgotten the bitterness of the 2003 fight over Howard Dean's presidential candidacy or last year's battle over the Democratic National Committee chairmanship. More importantly, both sides anticipate that the netroots will play an influential role in the next presidential election and beyond. The netroots community portrays itself as non-ideological but rabidly partisan pragmatists whose only goal is to put Democrats back in power. To their critics, netroots activists are amateurish...