Sebastian Jones

Sebastian Jones is a senior at Princeton University and news director of WPRB, a nonprofit radio station based on Princeton's campus.

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CUFI Confidential

An undercover reporter John Hagee's annual summit finds that his followers are just as messianic and radical as ever.

As I rounded the corner to the front of the Washington, D.C., convention center on a Sunday evening late last month, two older, portly gentlemen made their way across the street from Mt. Vernon Square. Hunched over, ID badges dangling from their necks, they entered the building just behind me, and we proceeded toward the metal detectors. We were all on our way to Pastor John Hagee's third annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit. In the lobby a large sign stated that weapons were prohibited inside the complex. On seeing it, one of the men asked loudly: "No weapons!?! But what will I do with the sword of the Lord?" Could Hagee and his supporters leave talk of rapture, fire, brimstone, and the Lord's sword at the door? John Hagee had just come off several disastrous months following his endorsement of John McCain, subsequent revelations of politically incorrect statements about everything from Hurricane Katrina to Catholics to the Holocaust . Hagee made apologies, McCain cut...