Sen. Edward Kennedy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy has represented Massachusetts in the United States Senate for 45 years.

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The Supreme Court's Wrong Turn -- And How to Fix It

After posing as moderates, Justices Roberts and Alito have moved the Court radically to the right.

Last May, the Supreme Court faced a textbook case of pay discrimination. Lilly Ledbetter was one of a few women supervisors working at a Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company plant in Gadsden, Alabama, and she remained at the plant despite her bosses' bias against women. One even told her that "the plant did not need women," that women "caused problems." For almost two decades, the company systematically downgraded her performance evaluations to pay her less than male colleagues who performed the same duties. Her pay eventually fell 15 percent to 40 percent behind her male counterparts.

Keeping Faith With Our Children

Education for all is a defining value of our country, and living up to it takes more than lip service. It takes dedication, hard work, and financial commitment. It means working in partnerships to create the best federal, state, and local policies to increase educational opportunities for all. It also means starting early.