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To PlayStation or Not to PlayStation?

When I got a PlayStation 3 some months ago, Adam teased me a bit -- he's an XBOX 360 owner -- but of the big three (Wii, PlayStation and XBOX) consoles, it made the most sense to me. It was the system I had the most (albeit, still limited) familiarity with, and I could stream Netflix for free, and Hulu with a pretty cheap Hulu Plus account. Several weeks ago I noticed some issues with logging into the system, but if I mashed enough buttons on the controller, I could log in to Netflix.

The Political Novel We Deserve

O: A Presidential Novel doesn't get the 24-hour news cycle. And perhaps that should tell us something.

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

In the proud tradition of Joe Klein's fictionalized (and briefly anonymous) retrospective of the 1992 George H.W. Bush- Bill Clinton race comes O: A Presidential Novel. O, which purports to foretell the 2012 race, has already been dismissed for its terrible writing, its lack of women, and the bald stunt of an anonymous author. But, ladies and gentlemen of Washington (and you brave souls who are reading this despite lacking a Beltway address), I encourage you to read it. Because finally, political journalism of the 2000s has gotten the novel it deserves.

Women in Combat.

Amanda Terkel reports that a military advisory panel says the ban on women soldiers engaging in direct ground combat is discriminatory:

Ignoring the Facts on Race and Homeownership Gaps.

Mark Calabria at Cato points to an NBER working paper that finds the gap between white and black home ownership narrowed considerably between 1870 and 1910:

Giffords and the Women Who Run.

One thing that stands out in Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (D-Fla.) account of their hospital visit to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords yesterday -- Giffords managed to open her eyes and squeeze their hands -- is their description of the friendship the three share:

REPRESENTATIVE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I think I told you the other day, I mean, there's very few of us --


REPRESENTATIVE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: -- young women who -- so we naturally gravitate to each other. And Kirsten and I were -- I was assigned as Kirsten's mentor when she --