Suzy Khimm

Suzy Khimm is a writer based in Washington, D.C.

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Is There a Local-National Enthusiasm Gap in NY-23?

The race in New York’s 23rd Congressional District has turned into nothing less than a passion play for many of the election’s liberal observers: Moderate Republican gets martyred by an insurgent grass-roots base purging members who don’t meet the conservative purity test. When the news broke about Republican Dede Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race,’s Erick Erickson exulted: “I said this was our hill to die on, but to paraphrase Patton, we won my [sic] making the other guys die on our Hill!”

Is Stupak Really Willing to Make an Abortion Compromise?

Would Democrat Bart Stupak really vote against the health-care bill if it contains the existing language on abortion? The Michigan representative has raised alarm bells among liberals for threatening to derail the House bill if certain abortion-related provisions aren't taken out. The Democratic leadership claims that the bill contains multiple restrictions to prevent the federal funding of abortions and restrict access -- measures that have actually raised the hackles of leading pro-choice organizations.

Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance.

I'm Suzy Khimm, and I'm delighted to be guest-blogging here this week. Before I dive into the wonderful world of wonkery, a bit more about me: I currently work at The New Republic, where I spend much of my time reporting on Congress, particularly the ins and outs of health-care reform. You'll find a lot of my recent writing on The Treatment, TNR's health-care blog, where I'm lucky enough to work with TAP alum Jonathan Cohn.