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Devil in the Details


In our September-October 1996 issue, Jennifer Bradley profiled the Rutherford
Institute, a Christian legal organization founded by John Whitehead to defend
clients who allege religious discrimination in the workplace or at school.
Although the institute portrayed itself as purely a civil liberties
organization, Bradley showed that it "uses the tools and words of
liberalism to advance a pinched, illiberal worldview."

If her characterization was just informed opinion then, it's national news
now. The Rutherford Institute's latest client is . . . Paula Jones?

Devil in the Details


Lest we forget, the vast universe of sexual allegations swirling around President Clinton began expanding more than four years ago with a single fiery Big Bang—the article by David Brock in the American Spectator called "His Cheatin' Heart." Last April in Esquire magazine, Brock issued an emphatic apology to Clinton for begetting the Paula Jones suit that in turn begat the three-ring Monica circus. His sources for the article, Brock confessed, were motivated by vengeance, money, and political animosity.

Devil in the Details


This year's hottest political fiction isn't in paperback. As anyone familiar with Beltway journalism knows by now, the New Republic fired associate editor Stephen Glass in May after Forbes Digital Tool uncovered extensive fabrications in one piece. Since then, TNR has disclosed that 27 of Glass's 41 articles for the magazine were at least partially products of his vivid imagination.