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Terence Samuel is a Prospect senior correspondent and the author of The Upper House: A Journey behind the Closed Doors of the U.S. Senate, published in May by Palgrave Macmillan. Follow him on Twitter.

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One and Done

If John Kerry loses the presidential election, the reasons will be obvious: war, terrorism, compromised on the central issue of the moment (Iraq), a campaign with no pizzazz (John Edwards, we hardly knew you!), loss of the soccer moms, and a high-speed slime machine that began dumping on him immediately after Super Tuesday,

The Marion Kind

The tired sighs heard across much of Washington last week captured the general reaction to the news that “Mayor for Life” -- and notorious crack smoker -- Marion Barry had won a primary election. It pretty much ensured him a seat on the City Council and a voice in the political maelstrom of the District.

Barry's return is not one that many have been looking forward to. In addition to his image as a man caught smoking crack on videotape in the Vista Hotel, Barry represents a kind of politics -- unapologetic racial uplift tethered to a cult of personality -- that make a lot of people uncomfortable.


When the chair of the House Republican Conference put out a statement this week criticizing Teresa Heinz Kerry for not being sufficiently appreciative of the term “first lady,” you knew the season of the Big Blow had arrived. The next three weeks, or however long it takes for Congress to get out of town and begin full-time campaigning, is going to be a huge swirl of nasty political moments.

Quoting the New York Post (quoting Harper's Bazaar), Representative Deborah Pryce took issue with Heinz Kerry's response when she was asked how she felt about the term.

“Ick,” said the ever-quotable Heinz Kerry.

Pryce pounced.

After Four More Years…

NEW YORK -- I'm not sure why, because it should have been obvious by now, but one of the biggest epiphanies out of the week in New York has been the fact that while Democrats and detractors are trying to wish George W. Bush away this November, a whole lot of Republicans are thinking about the post era, too. They just hope it comes four years later.

The most obvious examples, of course, came on opening night when John McCain and Rudy Giuliani delivered from the convention floor what might be regarded as the first campaign speeches of the 2008 campaign.

Front Lines

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. -- This is a little town on Route 9, almost directly south of where the Potomac loops around in the mountains and begins its run toward the Chesapeake Bay. There is a big Food Lion grocery store and a 7-11 that sells liquor. Cornfields and apple orchards ripple out from the middle of town. To the west, Back and Sleepy creeks provide comfortable stretches of good fishing.