Theodore Marmor

Theodore R. Marmor is a professor in Yale University's School of Management and its Political Science department.

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Coalition or Collision? Medicare and Health Reform

There is a remarkable consensus that the American

medical care system needs a major overhaul. The critical unanimity on this

point bridges almost all the usual gaps-- between old and young, Democrats and

Republicans, management and labor, the well paid and the low paid. We spend

more and feel worse than our economic competitors, with nine out of ten

Americans telling pollsters health care requires substantial change. This is

the good news for medical reformers in the Clinton administration and the


The bad news is that, for a variety of ideological, economic, and

institutional reasons, our politics have frustratingly failed to coalesce around

Canada's Health Insurance and Ours: The Real Lessons, the Big Choices

Canada's Health Insurance and Ours: The Real Lessons, the Big Choices by Theodore R. Marmor and Jerry L. Mashaw As medical costs continue to escalate and more Americans find themselves without insurance, Canada's approach to financing health care has taken center stage in the debate in the United States. Congressional committees have invited Canadian experts to testify, and political organizations have sent parades of representatives on crash study tours to Canada. Leaders of the Chrysler Corporation -- particularly its flamboyant chairman, Lee Iacocca, and Joseph A. Califano, Jr., a board member and former Secretary of Health and Human Services -- have lauded Canada's success.