Tik Root

Tik Root is a freelance journalist based in Yemen, he has written for The Economist, The Atlantic, and Foreign Policy, among others. Follow him on Twitter @TikRoot.

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A Sheikh's Life

What Tariq al-Fadhli's story says about the mixed-up world of Yemeni politics


Tariq al-Fadhli wept when he heard that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

“I love him and thank him for supporting me. If it wasn't for Osama Bin Laden, maybe I wouldn't have returned to my country,” recalled al-Fadhli, a well-known Yemeni tribal Sheikh recently expelled from his compound in southern Abyan province at gunpoint by anti-al-Qaeda militiamen who were convinced he was aiding militants in the area. But during an interview at his government-proffered villa in neighboring Aden, al-Fadhli insisted that he is affiliated with not al-Qaeda.