Tim Fernholz

Tim Fernholz is a former staff writer for the Prospect. His work has been published by Newsweek, The New Republic, The Nation, The Guardian, and The Daily Beast. He is also a Research Fellow at the New America Foundation.

Recent Articles

Bad Excuses From Democrats on the Tax Vote.

Whereas it seemed Democratic House Leadership was prepared to do the right thing and force a single vote on extending the middle-class tax cuts, the Senate's effort to do the same may fail because of a lack of votes. According to The Washington Post, here are their excuses:

Democrats acknowledged that such a bill is unlikely to pass the Senate, where Republicans -- and at least half a dozen Democrats -- are arguing that it makes no sense to raise anyone's taxes when the economy is so weak.

Cut, Lather, Repeat.

It's the GOP strategy: Cut taxes, get into a lather about high tax rates, repeat. (I've left out the part about blowing up the deficit.) Here, influential House Republican Mike Pence puts the strategy into action:

Surprise! Republicans Still Uninterested in Governing.

The Washington Post reports that Republicans, having gotten a taste of that sweet, irresponsible obstruction, don't see why they shouldn't give it a try for another two years:

Yes, the Fiscal Commission's Tax Plan Is Regressive.

In my various critiques of the working paper released by the president's Fiscal Commission, I've been careful to note that we really need a better analysis of the distributional effects of the tax-reform plan before pulling out our jump-to-conclusions mats.