Tracy Weitz

Tracy Weitz, PhD, MPA, is a medical sociologist and associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Her research examines abortion in the United States as a social and health-care issue.

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Science versus the Courts

What role should government play in how doctors administer treatment?

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This month, two California courts issued differing opinions deciding whether California could ban gay conversion therapy based on evidence of harm to minors. On the same day the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down two laws requiring abortion providers to practice in accordance with the right wing-dominated state legislature. Immediately after, I was asked if these two decisions were essentially the same, protecting the free speech rights of health-care professionals and stopping the government from interfering in the patient–provider relationship. But, these issues don’t fit so neatly into a box. Let me begin by acknowledging that I am not a fan of the argument that health-care providers should be allowed to practice their trade unfettered by “government” intrusion. Rather, I believe that evidence-based regulation of health care should be the standard, and sometimes that means government action. But the burden is high, the science must be high quality, and the branch of government...