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Mon, Oct. 08 Electoral Vote Predictor

Internet Voting Seen As a Huge Risk In an attempt to make it easier for U.S. military personnel and overseas civilians to vote, 23 states plus D.C. now allow some form of voting over the Internet. North Carolina, a key swing state, for example, allows overseas voters to send in their ballot by e-mail. Computer-security experts like David Jefferson, director of the Verified Voting Foundation , are appalled, and call this "the riskiest form of voting ever invented." The foundation is a California-based nonpartisan group whose goal is to insure that elections are honest and the results cannot be tampered with. Click here for full story

Sun, Oct. 07 Electoral Vote Predictor

Obama Raises $181 Million in September The Obama campaign has announced that it raised the eye-popping sum of $181 million in September. This is the largest monthly haul of either campaign this year. A total of 1.8 million people donated, so the average donation was $100. Romney's campaign has not released its total for September yet, but observers expect it to be lower. All in all, the Republicans have more money because their superPACS have raised much more than the Democratic ones. However, not all dollars are equivalent. Actual campaigns get a lower advertising rate from television stations than others do, so a campaign dollar is worth more than a superPAC dollar. Also, the campaigns have more control when it is their own money. For example, a campaign might decide that spending money on he get-out-the-vote operation is more important than advertising, but it is against the law for the campaign to tell this to an outside group (although proving there was coordination is virtually...

Sat, Oct. 06 Electoral Vote Predictor

Early Voting Reinstated in Ohio A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has reinstated early voting for the weekend just before election day for all voters. The Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, a Republican, had earlier decided that only military families could vote on the three days before election day. This was a more-or-less naked attempt to suppress Democratic votes since he knew very well that many Democrats, especially minorities and poorer voters, could not take time off from work on election day and thus preferred voting during the weekend before. The panel said that there was no compelling reason to allow one group of voters to vote during the weekend and prohibit other voters from doing the same thing. Click here for full story .

Fri, Oct. 05 Electoral Vote Predictor

Obama Approval Reaches 3-Year High While President Obama turned in a lackluster debate performance that was panned by Republicans and Democrats alike, he got some good news yesterday: According to a new Gallup poll , his approval rating now stands at 54 percent—the highest it has been in three years. Historically, presidents with an approval rating above 50 percent have been re-elected while those under 50 percent have struggled and often lost. Click here for full story

Wed, Oct. 03 Electoral Vote Predictor

First Debate Is Tonight It is do-or-die time for Mitt Romney tonight. With another batch of swing state polls showing Obama ahead everywhere, tonight's debate is his first—and maybe only—chance to turn the race around. He's promised zingers and provided a few in the speech he gave in Colorado Monday: Click here for full story