Wilfred Codrington III

Wilfred Codrington III is an attorney and a Spitzer Fellow in the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program.

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Amending the Constitution: A Civics Test Americans Need to Pass

Democracy watchdogs must stand firm against conservative attempts to hijack how the country’s founding document evolves.

AP Photo/Eric Gay
AP Photo/Eric Gay Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks in San Antonio. D uring this unsettled time in our nation’s history, the durability of our constitutional democracy is being tested in unprecedented ways. The bizarre events unfolding daily turn some of the most well-known constitutional provisions on their heads, and put rarely invoked ones in the national spotlight. For better or for worse—but mostly for worse—the current political scene compels us to brush off our civics textbooks to better understand these threats. In less than a year, the rolling drama of Donald Trump’s presidency has given rise to unprecedented assaults on the Constitution. After Charlottesville and Phoenix, interest in the Constitution’s procedures for removing officers, including the president, whether through Article I impeachment proceedings or even the 25th Amendment , has reached a crescendo. The vast web of conflicts of interest among administration officials has brought new attention to the Emoluments...