William Schulz

William F. Schulz is the executive director of Amnesty International USA.

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Justice for Refugees

A hmad Hussein is 12 years old. "My greatest wish," he says, "is to learn to read and write, to have warm shoes, and eat as much as I want to." But Ahmad's wish has long been thwarted. He is one of more than 3.6 million Afghan refugees--the largest refugee population in the world--who are presently living primarily in Pakistan or Iran, having fled the vicious civil war that's plagued Afghanistan since the Soviet occupation in 1979. In one sense, Ahmad is lucky. One in every four Afghan children dies before the age of five. Every 30 minutes, on average, an Afghan mother dies in childbirth. Last January, 480 displaced people, including 220 children, froze to death in a camp inside Afghanistan near the city of Herat; and in May, 25 more children succumbed to heat stroke in a Pakistani camp. When they survive, Afghan refugees face lives that promise little but hardship. In Pakistan they have been housed in makeshift quarters that are often under the control of armed Afghan factions;...