What Makes a Champion?

Rick Perry has a new minute-long campaign ad out today, and he's pulled out all the emotional stops. It covers all requisite Ken Burns bases—there's baseball, war vets, and even a Tim Tebow kneeling in the rain. There are planes, trains, and automobiles. Watch the magic for yourself. 

The video starts by asking "What makes a Champion?," segues into reminding us that Rick Perry ran the world's 13th biggest economy and that he created 1 million jobs, and ends by saying "This is a Leader." We'll see if this works in a state where he's currently polling only three percentage points ahead of Stephen Colbert



1. He's going with the "I was commander-in-chief because I was governor" bit? At this stage of the game, he's going to Sarah Pain for ideas?

2. In the USA in 2011, if you run a one-minute political ad with several shots of your candidate speaking in front of crowds of people, and you have no nonwhite faces in it (except for one bored-looking Asian kid who's in a crowd shot for two seconds), it's because you don't want any nonwhite faces in it.

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