Who Is to Blame for Polarization?

For as much as Beltway pundits and old Washington hands pine for a new age of bipartisanship, the simple fact—as this new Gallup analysis suggests—is that the conditions for bipartisan cooperation have long since evaporated. President Barack Obama, for example, is the most polarizing president in Gallup polling history, followed by Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton (if you isolate George W. Bush’s last three years, polarization is extremely high):

Although presidents always try to pursue policies that satisfy their supporters—and, in most cases, anger the opposition—it’s important to remember that presidents themselves aren’t responsible for the increase in polarization. That Republicans and Democrats have a stark contrast in opinions on the performance of President Obama has less to do with Obama, and everything to do with the public itself, which has grown more ideological and more partisan over the last 30 years. To wit, co-partisans are more likely to live near each other—think cities and suburbs—and their representatives tend to reflect that fact.

Moreover, this polarization doesn’t effect all sides equally. Politico’s John Harris and Jonathan Allen bring in University of Georgia political scientist Keith Poole to offer an explanation:

“The Republican Party has been steadily moving to the right since the 1970s,” Poole said. “The Republicans have moved about three times the speed to the right as the Democrats have moved to the left.”

Indeed, in the same way that the Republican Party has marched to the right at a far faster rate than the Democratic Party has slid to the left, GOP voters—in particular, white Republicans in the South—became more ideological faster than Democratic voters, and to some degree, are still the most polarized voters in the country.

If Mitt Romney’s rhetoric is any indication, Republicans plan to hit Obama over his failure to “bring the country together.” And it’s true that the president ran on a promise to transcend partisan divisions—a promise which, as Ryan Lizza’s recent story in The New Yorker revealed, he desperately tried to fulfill. But this is one of the (many) things that is outside the control of the president; polarization and partisanship are here to stay, and our job is to accommodate them into our politics.


There's something I've noticed about leadership. All organizations take on the atributes of their leaders. When Mr. Obama informed the Republicans that they could "come along for the ride, but their going to have to sit at the back of the bus," and that "I won." He isolated them and kicked them to the curb. How suprised am I supposed to be that they aren't interested in working with the man, was he interested in working with them. He calls them names, he denegrates their motives, he misrepresents their positions and attacks the stawman he's created. What on earth does he expect in return.

Compare him to Mr. Clinton. Clinton played hardball but never attempted to shutdown the lines of communications. Things got done with bipartisan support.

No, the fault lies with Mr. Obama, he's the leader, it's his organization, don't kid yourself. Just as blaming gas prices on "oil company greed" is silly (what, did they suddenly become greedy? What were they before?). Blaming anyone other than the President on the rancor (What, did the Republican's suddenly start to oppose democratic inititives? What did they do before?) misses the fundamental truth: All organizations resemble their leaders. Think about any group you are a part of and check to see if I'm right.

Well, you beat me to it but I'll flap anyway. When someone tries to forcefeed you a 'c r a p' sandwich you don't say, "Hey, let's compromise!" You refuse and form a pretty accurate and lasting opinion of your adversary. President Zero shoved a doozy down our throats with his unintelligible, bankrupting healthcare mess. You think that didn't tick a lot of people off? 60% or more of the people hate it, and have since before it was passed. What's BHO's monumentally arrogant reply? "Just deal with it. You'll realize eventually that I'm so much smarter than you. I know what your family needs better than you do." People are still po'd over it, and yes, it's polarizing.

Well, what can I add........

....but to ask everyone to consider the key players involved. The left may disagree on what to call Obama's ideology, but an ideology he has, and it is clearly centered around the idea that the "haves" in society should fund a life for the "have-nots" over and above what the have-nots have earned. The same is true for both Pelosi and Reid --- debate over their ideologies is irrelevant; the point is that they are clear ideologues with no history of bipartisanship.

OTOH, who leads the GOP? Boehner is viewed with suspicion by the Tea Party, because of his reputation as a DEALMAKER; the same is true for Mitch McConnell. Pelosi is known to distrust her own second-in-command, Steny Hoyer, because he has the same reputation as Boehner and McConnell; somebody who is willing to find compromise to make a deal.

Polarization comes from (a) saying things like "Guys, we won", from (b) using majorities and gimmicks to shove ideologic legislation down the throats of the minority, from (c) using the complicit media to lie and put the blame on your opponents, and (d) by avoiding rational debate on important topics and blaming all disagreement on "racism."

No shortage of reasons why the GOP should stonewall; I just hope the public sees reality before November. If the damage done to the business environment by the President cannot be repaired prior to 2016......well, if you thought capital was flying out of the country before, wait till what you see starting in Dec of 2012.

Of course, the Chinese and Indians will appreciate all the extra jobs.

What a bunch of bs. Obama tried. No worse horse s__t!

Most people will agree that politics in America is becoming more polarized, but to give this President a pass seems a willful disregard for the facts. Aside from what the other commentators have written, does Mr. Bouie think that it is not polarizing to call one's political opponents "enemies" which President Obama did on a Spanish station. in L.A. (The President cannot even bring himself to call Iran an enemy.) How about the condescension of accusing those who disagree as doing so because they "are clinging to their guns and bibles"? Might this be a little polarizing?
Furthermore, for Mr. Bouie to say that Republicans have been moving to the right since the 1970's 3 x faster than Democrats are moving to the left is a staggering and myopic misstatement. Does he consider gay marriage to not be a radical departure from 1970's norms or how about extreme environmentalism where a gas like CO2, essential to life, becomes a pollutant and any project involving fossil fuels is verboten just on principal? I could go on but i won't for now. The point is that Mr. Bouie needs to rethink how polarizing this President is and to bring a little common sense and perspective to his arguments that Republicans are moving right far faster than Democrats are moving left. If he believes this, he should at least give some examples.

“The Republican Party has been steadily moving to the right since the 1970s,” Poole said. “The Republicans have moved about three times the speed to the right as the Democrats have moved to the left.”

This may very well be true but it illustrates two conundrums for the Left. First, that there isn't much room to move further left, and that the right had plenty of room to move right from center-right. Second, this migration may indicate the move to the right as a natural reaction to balance the ridiculous left agenda.

I disagree. By continually caving in to the GOP (often before they even asked!), Obama has weakened his office, his performance and his standards.
He rewards their obstinance, and thereby creates more of it!

Let's see, a progressive newspaper has an article, and we have 5 far right comments and 2 liberal comments. Hmm. Hey Hollywood, Khadijabint, etc. is Koch paying you guys? And as for Carbon Dioxide: blame those pesky scientists (at places like NASA).

Newt G bears heavy blame, if not sole blame. His open strategy 20 years ago was to demonize Dems & train disciples how to show the same disrespect. Anyone got a copy of his infamous recommended word-list? Sure there are other forces at work, both economic and cultural, but the Gin-grinch sharpened the blade that carves this Great Divide.

One change is required to correct the researchers' assertion. It should be "The GOP has moved to the Right three times as much as the Democrats have also moved to the Right. Meanwhile, nobody represents the Left."

The notion that the Dem's have moved to the Left is absurd. The only thing the Dem Prez has really pushed are policies that were GOP ideas. What happens is that the news media consistently confuse the 50-yard-line with the line-of-scrimmage between the two parties. So, when Obama proposes a Republican idea (take your pick: individual mandate, cap and trade, various kinds of tax cuts), the Republicans move to the very far Right, away from their own ideas. Then, with the Dem's at the Right-30-yard-line, and the GOP at the Right-10-yard-line, the media wants the Dem's to move to the line-of-scrimmage between them, which is *not* a move to the "Center" like the media claims, but rather is a move further to the Right than the Right-wing position they started with.

This kind of deception by the media (confusing the 50-yd-line with the line-of-scrimmage) has been going on for 30 years. It is why the US has stopped being a Centrist successful nation and has instead become an failed Right-wing nation. If we want to get back the 50-yd-line, which is what it takes for things to work properly, then we must move to the Left just to get back to the Center which is where we were when things worked properly.

Obama consistently adheres to the Oraganizer Saul Alynski methods of Bi partisanship. Play ball or else.
DC politics are not based on this premise.
Centrist, Leftist, Rightist, are terms that bring forth ideologies. In the current world, Ideaologies are paramount. The US Electorate has finally woken up to the facts of life. For the Articles 30 year span, the Left has successfully led the culture, the private sector and the governings to the Ideologies of the Marxist Left. Within the period 2008 to 2012, they have implemented as many tenets of this belief system as possible. To thier honest dismay, the tenets once again played false.
BI partisanship is dead, long live IDEAs.
Semper fi

Arkansas Slim you obviously don't know squat about Alinsky's C.O. methods.
His entire methodology develop to teach the powerless how get the powerful to recognize and deal with them. Poor people are and always have been powerless and Alinsky taught them the techniques to do so. Unfortunately, the success was relative because in the end, most poor people remain powerless. The phony Tea Party populism used many of Alinsy's tactics to gain power but they were bankrolled by billionaires and run by politically powerful insiders like Dick Armey. Oh and by the way the first three or four posters on this site are trolls. Right Wingers often do a coordinated slam on liberal websites. It's OK though we recognize you. The idea that Obama caused the polarization is so laughable as to be satire. The Right determined to block every attempt of his to work in a bipolar fashion. And also freaked out because he's half black. He's finally found a populist voice but it's probably too late to save us from the Plutocracy that owns the Republican Party most of the Democratic Party and the Supreme Court.

Newt G bears heavy blame, if not sole blame. His open strategy 20 years ago was to demonize Dems & train disciples how to show the same disrespect. Anyone got a copy of his infamous recommended word-list? Sure there are other forces at work, both economic and cultural, but the Gin-grinch sharpened the blade that carves this Great Divide.
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