White Nationalists Agree: Multiculturalism Is Bad

Right-wing members of Congress have never shied away from associating with fringe agitators, but appearing with a white nationalist is beyond the pale. On Thursday afternoon, Iowa Representative Steve King jovially appeared on a panel with Peter Brimelow, an anti-immigrant author that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has termed a white nationalist. Brimelow wrote Alien Nation and founded the online community VDARE, which SPLC describes as "a nonprofit that warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants."

King had no qualms about associating himself with Brimelow when I caught up with the congressman after the panel. "Consider the source, I'm not in a position to judge people in the fashion that they seem to be so free to do," King said of the SPLC.

King was not on the public schedule for the panel held at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and showed up as a surprise guest an hour after the panel started. Hosted by a group called ProEnglish—which supports English as the official language—the panel was titled "The Failure of Multiculturalism." According to King's assistant, the congressman had always planned to attend in order to push the bill he has sponsored to make English the country's only official language. After standing at the podium and pitching his bill to make English the legal language—"there's no reason to back off, there's no reason to think all the names we're called are accurate, they are not"—King sat down with the panelists to take questions. When Brimelow introduced himself to the congressman, King exclaimed, "Oh yes, Peter! I've read your books, I just hadn't met you."

I followed up with King afterward to see what exactly he liked about the books. He said it had been more than ten years since he’d read the books but remembered reading several of them and that he had enjoyed Brimelow's writing. From what he could recall, King said, "I found his rationale to be clear and his message to be strong."

"It sounds to me like these are personal attacks and name calling coming out of the Southern Poverty Law Center," King said in response to another reporter's question as a means to dismiss the attacks. "I know they've made similar charges for witnesses we've had before the Judiciary Committee."

Brimelow's prepared remarks during the panel railed against laws in Canada that dictate a dual national language, French and English. "I think it's a hogwash," he said of bilingualism, proudly touting his knowledge of only one language. "I've never felt the absence."

An earlier speaker from ProEnglish, herself a former proponent of bilingual education who has since worked on political campaigns to outlaw the teaching style, attempted to frame the movement as simply a practical matter. She argued that it is an overwhelming burden on the government and school districts to be fully inclusive, and in fact does a disservice to the children themselves. But an earlier speaker came closer to the true motivation for the English-only groups. Serge Trifkovic, a foreign-affairs editor for Chronicles magazine, had to cancel his appearance at the last minute, but the panel's moderator graciously read his anti-multiculturalism screed. Wrapped in the language of academia, the speech essentially explained why whites of European descent must reject notions of multiculturalism as a "neurotic" affront to their community. "Members of the Western elite class overwhelming subscribe to a neoliberal outlook in general and to the tenets of multiculturalism in particular," the speech read. "In other words, they tend to accept the principle that recognition, positive accommodation, and even celebration of demands and special political and moral claims of various ethno-racial, religious, or sexual minorities are obligatory through group-differentiated rights. The result is a obsessive favoritism of allegedly disadvantaged groups often hostile to the European descendent majority of Americans."


I read this piece and immediately went to check out what all the fuss was about at VDare.com. Actually, it's a pretty good site. You should probably link to it more often, as it discusses a great deal about how through both illegal and legal immigration is bad for the citizens of our country, especially for those on the left hand side of the Bell Curve. Thanks for the tip!

I have to agree that immigration is bad for the citizens of the country. Look what happened to the American Indians when all those ignorant, violent, greed driven Europeans started coming here in 1492. Damn foreigners were responsible for the killing off of nearly 90% of the native natural born American population.

So you are implicitly admitting that massive non-European immigration will be bad for White American and that it is part of what we might call payback or revenge. Thank you for your honesty.

Wow! People stil exist that beleive that old canard? The so called "Native Americans" aka Red Injuns, are genetically speaking, Land Bridge Asians, and were rather late arrivals, Al kinds of genetic straina are turning up. Including lots of Caucasian DNA. Lots and LOTS. The CURRENT theory is that the Solutreans were in what is now the North American continent, over 22,000 years ago - and they were Caucasians. FYI - all the Land Brridge Asians DID is slaughter each other, until Europeans reclaimed OUR land, and established Civilization. Try to keep up, dear, before you display your ignorance.

There are all sorts of speculations as to who was here first. Pacific Islanders, South Americans, Japanese/Chinese, and yes, possibly even a few from Europe. But there is no solid current theory , just speculations. No culture made a solid foundation up until approximately 13 thousand years ago and that is very sketchy. As far as genetic strains go, every human alive today shares a common DNA with a gentleman in Africa 60,000 years ago. So in some fashion or another we are all "mixed race." By the way the Solutrean hypothesis is extremely weak and doubted by most experts. Not a lot of solid evidence to support it. And when it comes to wholesale slaughter it's tough to beat the Europeans' record. Try to keep up, dear, before you display your ignorance.

Buff, you may merely be trolling, and your anchor reference to the discredited Bell Curve seems to indicate that. But I cannot let your assertion go unchallenged. V-Dare is as responsible a source as any other white-nationalist site. it distorts, misleads, and omits the truth. You may as well find reassurance in kindred sites such as Stormfront.

The Bell Curve was never "discredited'", The data there-in grows more vindicated with each passing Black "Youf" attack, each Black city bankruptcy, the dire financial status of Mexifornia, and the ever-WIDENING Achievment Gap, between Whites and Asians, and Blacks and Browns.

The Bell Curve is a landmark work. Often reviled - never refuted!

Rep, King ain't too bright to support an anti Catholic organization. Guess he can't count or he would know there are 80,000,000 Catholics in the US, and surprise, surprise, they are the richest religious segment of the population. ( bet you thought Jews were the folks with all the money / you're wrong )..

Basically MultiCulturalism and "anti-racism" are code words for anti-White. The targets are always White folks, It's an attempt to settle old historical grudges held by non-Whites. Here is the important point for Whites to remember: It won't get better by acquiescing to those who hate you. Every concession brings more aggression. You are creating a hellish day for your White children. They will be subjected to more hate than you can imagine once MultiCulturalists have full control

I fully support these gentleman and can confidently predict there will be more Whites coming forward to publicly announce their desire to preserve their own people. Well done, gentleman.

If you really are concerned about the political decline of white Europeans in this country, than get busy immediately and start making more babies. A lot more babies. And in case you have not noticed, modern Europeans today have little interest in migration to the US. They love to visit and buy summer vacation homes here, but they regard the quality of life superior back home across the ocean. So you better get busy and start making those new white babies, maybe 7 or 8 per family, otherwise you will continue to be on you way to minority status. And since you folks don't consider us 80 million Catholics in your club, you already constitute less than 40% of the US population. So on second thought, maybe you might just accept the facts that white Europeans globally will not be around in another couple of hundred years. Of the 7 billion humans on earht, only one billion are white; the other 6 billion are people of color.

Wow, silverfox, the hate coming off you is intense. I would suggest looking into your own heart, examining your own conscience and being motivated by love, not hate. Your whole tone is gleeful jubilation over the extermination of an entire people. Not good. We are not the people rejoicing over the genocide of an entire race - that would be you. And it's more than a little scary. I hope you find peace.

Where do you get hate from? I have no hate for anybody. Perhaps you should consider the expression "we find out own faults first in others?"
Why do you worry about the "white race?' If you feel threatened it is in no way the result of changing demographics in the US. The 'non Europeans worry abouy getting decent jobs and taking care of their family and protecting the country and community and be free to follow their beliefs, and they rarely give much thought to European Americans one way or another. Unfortunately Nature seems to have different plans for the human race, and the trend over the last several hundreds of years suggests we white folks are destined to become a global minority.

White people are the People of Color. WHITE people possess a dazzling and beautiful array of hair color, and textures, eye color, and skin tones. Non-Whites are repetitiously and tediously black and brown and brown and black and blah. NOTHING in MORE visually boring than a sea of The Diverse.

All that I know is that if English is good enough for the Bible, it is good enough for me.

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