Presidential Race Tightening in New Mexico

The presidential race appears to be tightening in New Mexico, where Obama's former lead of 15 points has dwindled to 5 points. Polls have shown that if Romney picks Governor Susana Martinez (R-NM) as his running mate, he has a decent shot at winning the state, not to mention gaining more votes among women and Latinos. Martinez has said she doesn't want the job because she has to care for her elderly father and ill sister, but couldn't Romney could offer to hire a team of registered nurses to take care of them full time? 


Today's Presidential Polls

State Obama Romney   Start End Pollster
New Jersey 49% 38%   Jul 09 Jul 15 Quinnipiac U.
New Mexico 49% 44%   Jul 13 Jul 16 PPP
Virginia 47% 46%   Jul 16 Jul 17 Rasmussen


Today's Senate Polls

State Democrat D % Republican R % I I % Start End Pollster
New Jersey Bob Menendez 47% Joseph Kyrillos 34%     Jul 09 Jul 15 Quinnipiac U.



IN an industry where everyone is clawing and elbowing for the limelight, the real faces behind Jimmy Choo bag have always remained enigmatically hidden from view.

So imagine the media’s surprise when they were invited to Hong Kong for a mid-day rendezvous with creative directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway – arguably two of the British shoe label’s best-kept secrets – for the very first time.

The meeting took place in Elements Hong Kong, one of the city’s swanky, high-end shopping malls and home to the label’s first ever “Dual Gender” boutique (for men and women) in Asia. Both Choi and Holloway are perched casually on a sofa nestled in the back room,jimmy choo bag looking more like two good friends on a park bench than two business partners on a PR bend.

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