Will We Ever Get to See Romney's 2011 Tax Return?

I don't know about you, but this year I filed my taxes just before the April 15 deadline. Most people do. But if you need to, you can file for an extension from the IRS. That's what Mitt Romney did. And if you look around the discussion about his taxes, you'll find that everyone keeps referring to the "two years of tax returns" Romney has agreed to release. But what people don't mention is that Romney hasn't actually released two years of tax returns. He released one year, his 2010 return (and even that was incomplete). But we haven't seen his 2011 return. He keeps saying he'll release it when it's ready, but is it going to be ready before November?

In fairness, Mitt Romney's taxes are really, really complicated. He has so many different income streams and accounts and pass-throughs and roundabouts and double-flipping financial McTwists that it takes a team of accountants to prepare the documents. His 2010 return ran to more than 200 pages. But it's August. Maybe someone should ask whether the accountants are making progress.

My guess is that for the next three months, every time the question comes up, Romney will say that the return is being prepared, and he'll release it as soon as it's ready. And then lo and behold we'll get to election day never having seen it.

From Romney's perspective, this makes perfect strategic sense. Nobody seems interested in the 2011 return, so there isn't much cost to putting it off, and if he does release it, that'll mean a couple of days of stories about all the interesting stuff it contains. It's essentially the same calculation as he's using on the rest of his returns: there's a cost to not releasing them, but it's evidently smaller than the cost he anticipates from releasing them. So, voters: No tax returns for you!


It's why we need Harry Reid. Harry is doing us all a service and my guess is that he isn't backing down because he know what he's talking about. It's a small world out here in southwest Morman land. Harry has every right to protect his source, like any good reporter would. And Just like Romney protects his money men through Karl Roves' super pacs and keeps his bundlers names a secret.

However, Reid's claims CAN be substantiated or blasted pretty easily....Romney can show us more taxes. Simple. Is there anyone here that doesn't wonder what is so bad in those taxes that Romney is more willing to risk NOT showing them?

We need to see his taxes because they will tell us what kind of man he is, indeed, what kind of American he is and what he feels about this country and his place in it. Because, right now, the only thing we know about Mitt Romney is that he has been very successful at filling his own pockets.

So, YOU GO HARRY! We've got your back!

In the past, when convenient, he has amended his taxes after-the-fact. It's not as if he doesn't file every year (or so), and he's "unemployed", so on the whole last year should be a pretty easy tax year for his accountants. It's difficult to imagine a good reason (as in, good for anybody but Romney) why he would be withholding the 2011 return at this point in time.

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