Newsweek: Is Asking Inane Questions the Future of Journalism?

Was Mussolini Right?

"He made the trains run on time," they said about Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and it was more than just a cliché. It was a statement about a government that works, a government that means what it says and does what it wants. Sure, there were some problems with the treatment of dissidents. But some very smart political analysts are asking a question that would have been surprising just a few years ago: Is it time to give fascism another try?

To be clear, no one is proposing a Fourth Reich. This isn't about Germany in the 1930s, and it isn't about genocide. It's about fascism as an economic program, where the government stops being ashamed about merging with corporate interests. It's the ultimate pro-business position, and that's why the wonks proposing a new look at an old philosophy have a catchphrase sure to draw adherents: "Fascism means jobs." If they're right, it could remake the American political landscape over the next decade.


Our Future Is Underground

Global warming. Overpopulation straining food supplies. Rising seas and hurricanes. More and more, it seems like the planet is turning on humanity. For years, science fiction writers have told us that colonization of other planets is the answer. But the technical hurdles—particularly a lack of nearby M-class planets suitable for habitation—could make it impossible in the next few centuries. By the time we have the technology to evacuate, it might be too late. 

The answer may be right under our feet. Rebecca Anderson's lab at MIT looks like any other, bristling with computers and assistants in lab coats. But the biologist has a radical idea: Let's move humanity underground. It won't be easy to convince people to give up their homes and live beneath the surface of the earth, but Anderson's convinced that it's the only place where we'll be safe from the climate's ravages. Over the next few thousand years, the brutal processes of natural selection will turn us into a species of hairless mole-people with night vision, perfectly suited to our new subterranean existence. "We already have the backhoes," Anderson says. "The next step is to start digging."


Was Feminism a Mistake?

It's 6 pm, and Marjorie Lungardner is hard at work. With her hair perfectly in place and her makeup precisely applied, she moves smoothly through her kitchen, checking on the casserole in the oven and slipping an olive in the martini on the counter. But the martini isn't for her. Her husband Jeffrey will be home soon, and everything needs to be just so.

Jeffrey and Marjorie don't have kids yet, but that doesn't mean Marjorie wants to work outside the home. Her job, she says, is supporting her husband and making him happy. "I just let Jeffrey make all the decisions. It makes me so happy." Millions of women like Marjorie are asking whether the last 40 years of struggle was really worth it, and whether everything wouldn't be a whole lot easier if they just let men run the world again.


The Worst Generation

Eric Fletcher didn't look for a job today. Or yesterday, or the day before that. Ask him why, and he'll tell you there aren't any jobs to be had. But Eric's father Albert tells a different story. "Don't get me wrong, we love Eric," he says. "But how many hours can you spend playing video games? We spent $150,000 on his education, and we're still paying. When's he going to move out?"

There are thousands of young people just like Eric, who have had a hard time adjusting to the world after college. But now some are asking whether the problem isn't the economy, but the young themselves. Their grandparents defeated the Nazis, and their parents fought for peace, love and civil rights. But today's young people aren't accomplishing much of anything. Could they be America's worst generation?


Is Asking Inane Questions the Future of Journalism?
FUTURE? Hell, journalism has been dead or dying for quite a few years now. As the big corporations gobbled up all media in this country, we lost any sense of independent journalism. Fox News...ring a bell for anyone? News Week is a loser with poor writing and a rightward political bent. I would like to see the breakup of the media empires, and a return to telling the truth without opinions. I remember when CNN was a real news outlet, NBC, CBS, ABC...the same. We have to remember that WE own the airwaves, and these corporation RENT these airwaves from us...of course there are the political sweet deals, the tax incentives, etc. We really need to keep our media out of the hands of foreign entities, just like we need to keep foreign money out of our elections. MSNBC is now in the process of turning right with Chuck Todd, S.E. Cupp etc. Fair and Balanced is not happening anywhere...only greed and the quest for power.

Yes, I agree. Journalism has been dead for decades and yet thanks to social media websites, we are still discussing the same old things.

Is NewsWeek still in publication? I droped them last year after over 40 years. They were no longer relevant in this world. They became another, People, Us, or other tabloid. Unfortunately they are just a reflection of the sorry state our country is in.

Q: Was Mussolini Right?
A: No, he was Left. After all, he was a central planning control freak just like the left in this country is, as in "let's outlaw or shout down anyone who disagrees with us"

So true. So very true. Your depth and knowledge of history is so pithily expressed in your only seemingly odd but arresting persiflage that few could better, my friend! Hang in there and give 'em hell.

The horrifiying part of this is that when I clicked on it and saw the Mussolini Newsweek cover and its blaring headline, I actually thought it was real. And when I saw the article was written by crank Niall Ferguson, a Brit wandering cluelessly in the American polity, I merely groaned---for I believed that indeed the editor would have gladly run such an article if for no other reason than to goose circulation.
I thought it was all real for twenty seconds. That's scary.

Heck, I had to read the article twice to be sure is was supposed to be a spoof, That first story really looks like something I believe Niall Ferguson would write -- and believe in. The other stories, too. I mean it's a real possibility that the solution to the problems from global warming could be addressed by moving underground.. Some people talk about never seeing sunshine, but I worked for six years in the basement of the Pentagon and never missed sunlight or the view of trees. And reading about nome schooldrs and younger Republicans I could imagine them seriously considering trying to roll feminism back. Heck, they want to go back to feudalism anyway.

This is an insightful article. I was unaware about many details but for me the most striking bit arrived when I read about young person, who was given top-class education but not value.

Young folks no only needs Harvard like place to be a better person but parents must teach them value of time and importance of learning and executing as well.

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