The NRA Opens Fire

In case you were waiting for the National Rifle Association's reasonable, constructive contribution to our current debate on how best to curb gun violence in America, your wait is over. They are locked, loaded, and ready to bring the crazy. This is an ad they put out yesterday, calling President Obama an "elitist hypocrite." Take a gander:

What an elitist, that Barack Obama, thinking he's somehow above ordinary people, like he has some particularly critical job or something, and he and his family might be unique targets for violence requiring special protection! It's almost like he thinks he's the president!

This does actually reveal an important aspect of the NRA's world view. As far as they're concerned, all of us should act as though we exist in the same security situation as the president of the United States. You may think you're just the assistant regional manager of a widget company, but in fact, a terrorist commando strike force could be coming to lay siege to your home at any moment. Which is why you need to be prepared not just with a gun, but with enough weaponry to hold your own in the two-hour firefight that's just inevitable.

I think what this ad shows, beyond the obvious conclusion that the NRA leadership is a bunch of crazy people, is that persuasion isn't part of their strategy. They know that they're facing the greatest threat they have in years, and they've concluded that the way to win this conflict over whether gun laws will be changed is to rile up their base. They want their most fervent supporters as paranoid and angry as possible, to get them to write letters and call their members of Congress to keep them in line. And it just might work.


The children killed in CT were just as special as any politicians. I am quite sure that at least one set of parents of those children wish there was at least one armed guard at their school.

You, sir, are an Elitist, just like O. You think nothing of the peon out there, they are to follow what you the Elitist come up with.

Listen to me, your majesty, we do not have a King in these United States. I have every right to protect my children and my family, and the King now has taken that right away by his executive orders.

It is not the Elitist's children that are being gunned down, it is our children, that are being killed. The entire reason for O the King's executive orders is to take our guns and ammo away so that we cannot protect our children. Yes, adrenaline and the fight or flight response kicks in during a firefight. That is why I need 17 rounds per clip because the criminal has real firepower and I empty several rounds in the first 5 seconds.

You Elitists are hypocrites of the first order. You take our arms away because you truly believe we "middle manager" peons ate worthless. Your article makes that loud and clear.

However, we will have our day, some day. This is a government of the people , by the people, and for the people, not the other way around. The Elites, including you, will fall. Mr. Os attempt to "Rule a Kingdom" will increasingly be met with resistance. We will prevail, no matter how much you try to knock us down.

In closing, I challenge you to meet with one of the CT parents who is a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms. Meet with him or her in a public venue, like Fox News. Tell him to his face that his children are not as important to the nation as Mr. O's. Just do it instead of hiding behind your web page. I dare you.

You won't because you are a coward and an Elitist.

It should be pointed out that Sidwell has armed guards as a matter of policy for all of their students (including David Gregory's child), not just Sasha and Malia. And that security is completely separate from the girls' secret service detail. The NRA is 100% correct. And the administration's feigned outrage over the NRA "targeting" the president's daughters, when in fact they're targeting his blatant hypocrisy, is a dead giveaway.

Has everyone got a terminal case of stupid or something? CRIMINALS do NOT follow laws. If they followed laws they wouldn't be criminals. Fully Automatic weapons have been illegal for decades. Go ask any major police department when the last time they confiscated a fully automatic weapon from a criminal was.
The ONLY difference it will make is that legitimate businesses will have more restrictions to enforce and fewer products to profit from (AR-15 accessories, magazines, etc) to the point where some US companies will be driven completely out of business since there are in fact companies that specialize in assault rifles and assault rifle accessories, while smugglers and cartels will have yet another thing to sell to criminals at incredible prices. Congratulations on fixing the economy.

Plenty of criminals have automatic and semi automatic weapons. There are always major arms confiscations throughout the year, and police make it a point to display these confiscations on TV.

I have soon to be illegal semi-automatic weapons that I can empty in about 15 seconds. I at least have some hope of surviving an altercation, but once the new orders take effect, which they will, there goes my advantage.

This is why many police depts now issue semi automatic handguns for every day use, and will issue automatic weapons for terrorist threats and gang sweeps. Criminals have high capacity weapons.

Now O's kids are perfectly safe because the secret service has any guns they want.

I want my Pres and his family to be safe, but I want to keep my weapons so I can keep my family safe.

Again, I am challenging the author to get on Fox News with one of the CT parents who supports the 2nd Amendment. Tell him to his face that his kids are not as important to the country as yours. Coward.

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