Memo to Republicans: You Lost. Now Deal with It.

Imagine you're a third-grade teacher, and the school announces that all the classrooms are going to be repainted, and the kids will get to choose the colors. You let your students each make a case for the color they'd like for their classroom, and it comes down to a choice between blue and green. The two sides give cute little speeches to the class about their favorite colors, and then you take a vote. There are 20 kids in the class; 12 choose blue and 8 choose green. Blue it is.

But then the kids who wanted green insist that the color has to be green. They go to the principal's office and make their case that blue sucks and green rules. The principal tells them that the class chose blue, so the walls are going to be blue. Then the pro-green kids return and say that since there was a new kid who joined the class since the vote, we have to have the vote again. Another vote is held; it's still blue. Then the pro-green kids announce that because anyone can see that blue is sucky, they're going to write in green magic marker on any wall that gets painted blue. Then they announce that if the walls get painted blue, they're going to break the windows in the classroom, smash the chairs, and fling the contents of everybody's cubby on the floor.

When they're told they can't do that, they say, "OK, tell you what: we'll refrain from breaking the windows and trashing the class, but only if you give us pro-green kids cupcakes every day, excuse us from homework for the rest of the year, and let us choose all the games we play at recess. It's either that, or we start smashing." Would you respond to these children, "Well, what if we just give you the cupcakes?" Of course not. You'd say, "Listen, you psychotic little turds. The goddamn walls are going to be blue. YOU LOST. Now suck it up."

Okay, so if you were a third-grade teacher you wouldn't actually say that. But you'd think it. And that's where we are today. Republicans argued against the Affordable Care Act when it was moving through Congress. A vote was held, and they lost. Then they went to the Supreme Court and asked for the law to be overturned. They lost. Then they tried to defeat the president who passed the law and replace him with a guy who promised to repeal it. They lost. Now they're saying that if they don't get what they want, they're going to trash the place.

And now we come to the part about the cupcakes and homework. The latest idea from Republicans is that in exchange for not trashing the American economy with a debt default, just defunding the Affordable Care Act isn't enough. What they want as the price for standing down is the entire Republican wish list. Get a load of this:

According to a document obtained by CQ Roll Call, that "wish list" contains 20 "additional options" for the debt limit bill, on top of four principles in the "Core Package" — a one year debt limit increase for a one year delay of Obamacare, the agreement of tax reform instructions and the Keystone pipeline.

The 20 additional options, according to the document, are:

Economic Growth

1. Offshore Energy Production

2. Energy Production on Federal Lands

3. Pipeline Permitting Reform

4. Coal Ash

5. Prohibit EPA from Regulating Greenhouse Gases

6. REINS Act

7. Regulatory Process Reforms (APA)

8. Consent Decree Reform

9. Regulatory Flexibility Improvements

10. Block Net Neutrality Regulations

Non-Health Care Reforms:

1. Federal Employee Retirement Reform, which Republicans estimate will save $20 to $84 billion.

2. Eliminate Dodd-Frank Bailout Fund, which they estimate will save $23 billion.

3. Eliminate Mandatory Funding for CFPB, with estimated savings of $5 billion.

4. Require SSN to Receive Child Tax Credit, with estimated savings of $7 billion.

5. Eliminate Social Service Block Grant, with estimated savings of $17 billion.

Health Care Reforms:

1. Increase Medicare Means Testing, which Republicans estimate will save $56 billion.

2. Reduce Medicaid Provider Tax Gimmick, which Republicans estimate will save $11 billion.

3. Medical Liability Reform, with estimated savings of $49 billion.

4. Disproportionate Share Hospitals, with estimated savings of $4 billion.

5. Eliminate Public Health Slush Fund

I'm sure that if you asked them the logical question—Are you people insane?—they'd respond that this is an opening position for negotiations, and we can go from there. Sure, maybe we won't get everything on the list, but maybe we could bargain it down to, say, delaying the ACA for a year, handcuffing the EPA, the Keystone XL pipeline, and cutting money for public health. In other words, we might be willing to not smash the windows if you give us the cupcakes.

There are some basic notions that undergird the operation of a democracy. When there's an election, the candidate who gets more votes is the one who takes office. When a bill is passed through Congress and signed by the president, it's now the law. And when you lose, you don't get to demand that your agenda be enacted, for no reason other than that you'd prefer it that way. If you want a bunch of policy changes, you have to win an election, then pass that agenda through the legislative process. That's how it works. Baseball players who strike out don't get to just demand that they be given a triple or else they're going to set fire to the stadium. And third graders don't get cupcakes for threatening to break windows and chairs.


Since the Republicans like "Kitchen Table Finances" so much, I present:

Democrat: "Hey, it's time to pay the mortgage. Can you countersign the check?"
Republican: "Sure, sure, but there needs to be some changes around here."
Dem: "Huh? What?"
Rep: "I want the bathrooms painted green, ownership of the TV remote, two shelves of the fridge exclusively to store my soda, turn the garage into a studio for my band, and dump your girlfriend."
Dem: "WHAT?"
Rep: "Look, we've talked about all this at the house meetings, and not enough people are agreeing with me. I'm tired of it. So, if you want the mortgage check counter-signed, we'll do it my way."
Dem: "But.. I'm about to go out on my second date with Obamacare!"
Rep: "Don't care. I hate her. She's a Marxist and stupid. Girlfriends are completely unnecessary, you don't need one."
Dem: "We're talking about the mortgage check! Our credit rating would be damaged, we'll have late fees, and if we wait too long we'll lose the house!"
Rep: "Which is exactly why I know you'll never let that happen. If you don't want to lose the house, you'll agree to my requests."
Dem: "But you'll be out of a house as well!"
Rep: "Oh, it won't come to that, you'll give in."
Dem: "Quit messing around, we need to send in the check by midnight. Sign here."
Rep: "Hey, this is no joke! Okay, fine. You don't have to give me the two shelves in the fridge."
Dem: "No, we're not doing this. Sign the check, and we'll discuss the changes you want at the house meeting, which is WHEN WE DISCUSS THIS STUFF."
Rep: "You refuse to even compromise with me? I get nothing and you get the check signed?"
Dem: "I don't want to sign the check any more than you do, but it has to be signed! You get all the same benefits from signing!"
Rep: "No, I don't get the same benefits, because the changes I want won't be made. Which is why you'll give in and make the changes I want, because you don't want to be blamed for failing to send in the check, do you?"
Dem: "But you're the one who refuses to sign the check, and everyone knows it!"
Rep: "Sure, only it won't come to that, because you'll give in."
Dem: "Were you repeatedly dropped on your head as a child?"

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The author is using logic to make his argument. Using logic when writing about the Tea Party is like using oil to try and put out a fire...the two don't go together. When writing about the Tea Party, one should start with the premise that all of them have the mental acuity of a 4-year old and go from there.

Answer to napalmgod's last fictional question...Is this in doubt even a little?

Yabbut they've got God on their side. When you've got God on your side, nothing else counts. They're sort of like the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Taliban that way. Just in case anyone's wondering why the separation of church and state is a good idea, and why the GOP doesn't like it.

"Taliban," Arabic for "a buncha little schoolkids."

Main activity of the Afghanistan talibs, before the US invasion: watching American porn in internet cafes.

T-Party: America's talibim at play.


At least the Talibim stands for some things in Afghanistan, even if they're the wrong things. The Tea Party doesn't have the balls to stand for anything except Ted "I wanna be the next sacrificial lamb, candidate, God of the Republican/Tea Party" Cruz' right to filibuster on behalf of his right to blather the American people into a state of unconscious.

One may lose an election but that does not translate into not performing ones Constitutional duty to check the actions of a co-equal branch of government, in this instance the Executive. The condescending attitudes of those writing about "Tea Party" positions or their mental capabilities sound absurd. I personally would, if I were a betting man, place my money on such a person in Congress. As for Sen. Cruz--he was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of those in Washington, starting with the President. He may have won the election but he lied to the American people about the ACA.
And what is wrong with evidencing to the people that the waivers, the employer mandate, the evidencing that one qualifies for a subsidy, that Congress itself does not have to be part of the ACA, the White House staff and lastly the Supreme Court. The hypocrisy and ingenuousness sits with the left, which the majority if not all comments fall under. Sad, very sad. The old saying of "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" you should all be hanging your respective heads--you've been sold a pig in a polk and the rest of the country is suffering due to your failure to elect a competent individual not this inept, ineffective FRAUD. Hope your all happy!!!!

I always thought that doing your "duty" in Congress was working through compromise and the legislative process. Its obvious that you are not a betting man if you think that what Sen Cruz is doing is going to do anything other than talking to give himself a few headlines. You must have not actually listened to what Mr. Cruz had to say or you would know that he did nothing but blabber and rant without making a point. As usual all you get from Tea Baggers like yourself is some ridiculous notion that the president lied to you simply because you don't agree with his policy. And lastly, quoting Dubya only demonstrates just which competent individual you choose to vote for that helped create the mess, but I guess that was Ok. Suggest you go read a book and come back when you have some actual facts to support your BS.

Compromise assumes both sides coming to a point of agreement--the president does not compromise. Your next statement, quite derogatory, uses the term "Tea Bagger"--please stop quoting CNN and MSNBC using such terms hopefully would end when one reaches maturity. As for the president lying--he did. Your are correct as to my disagreeing with his policies--$7 trillion dollars in additional debt, failed domestic and foreign policy and unconstitutional acts such as postponing the employer mandate (as well as others). You should seriously attempt to have a discussion without personal attacks it speaks volumes as to a lack of intelligent thought. As for quoting President Bush, I was not. The quote has many historical fathers--one says its a Chinese proverb, another that it is from Italy, some even say the Bible (you should read this one)--so the remaining content of your sentence, like most of what you wrote is vapid. Grow up, and when you have matured attempt to respond with some semblance of dignity. And for your edification I have not nor have ever been a member of the Tea Party movement. It is a very sad commentary when writings such as yours a spewed forth. You really should study the art of dialogue and ruminate over what you are going to say as opposed to the immature response. Truly.

Hey Teabagger - you lost. Again. Deal with it.

To all of the first 15 posters here (except alphonse): All of you are saying the same mainstream media cliches; are you all cousins or are you all the same person? Do you not see what your so-called president and his progressive crew are doing to our country?

The GOP controls the purse strings of the country. If they feel the presidents policies too radical they are perfectly with in their rights to defund it. That is how our system works besides; O-care was not passed by regular order - no republicans voted for it - and a majority of americans never did, and still don't want it!! Many senators and congressmen had to be bribed to get it passed.

The adolescent is the author of this piece.

You tea baggers continue to belabor the lie that the American don't want the ACA. That is pure crap. What they don't is the make believe ACA that you all present as fact. When people understand the provisions of the ACA, everyone likes it. Everyone that is except the members of the "I've got mine, the rest of you can go to hell" Tea Party.

The comments here just keep getting more juvenile - what's up with that. Is this Huff-Po or something?

Thank you for this. "Psychotic little turds" -- truer words were never spoken.

The comments are juvenile so that our visitors from the Tea Party are able to understand them. Otherwise, they would need a translator. Anyone speak Tea Party?

The government shutdown is evidence that the Tea Party doesn't mind playing Russian roulette. Memo to the Tea Party...Bang!

Calling each other names accomplishes nothing. I'm an independent because I feel both parties are at fault here. I see no differences between progressives or conservatives. They are both minorities who are trying to force the majority to adhere to their agenda/belief system. If asked most Americans want to be left to live their lives as they see fit. I have on problem with this as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others.

Saying that I'm angry that our elected officials can't work together and wrote to all of them telling them I blame both parties for this mess and that I'm going to try very hard to replace everyone of them with an adult who can work with others and aren't career politicians. I also wrote the media.

Alphonse13 needs to actually READ the wording of the ACA before commenting on it. Nowhere in it is Congress exempted from the ACA; in fact, just the opposite. By law, Congress is mandated to participate. Alphonse13 is repeating still another Tea Party fable...along the same lines as Utah Sen. Mike Lee saying Congress will not be paid during the government shutdown, when in fact, the constitution requires Congress be paid. The Tea Partiers just don't get it...tell enough lies, no one will believe you when you tell the truth (in the case of the Tea Party, that should be IF they tell the truth.)

Here's why everyone believes (with good reason) why the Republican Party, and the Tea Party in particular are incredibly stupid people. Heard this this morning. A Tea Party congressman who had voted for the shutdown, was trying to get in to a national park. When he was told the shutdown meant the park was closed he told the park ranger "you must find it hard to explain to people why you closed the park." The ranger replied "yes, I have a lot of difficulty explaining it to people." The congressman then replied "you should have trouble explaining this." Why YOU shut the park? Sure, the park rangers grew tired of watching all these people in the parks, and unilaterally decided to close the parks. Congress had nothing to do with it. This congressman truly proves, ignorance breeds more ignorance!

To US Vietnam Nam Vet...First, thank you for serving. Second, if you really believe there is no difference between progressives and conservatives you really need to look closer. Conservatives can't stand people who aren't exactly like them, and that includes blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, poor people, working people, union people, and especially Democrats. Progressives accept that the world has changed, and everyone has to change with it. By the way, contrary to popular belief, we really don't hate conservatives. I happen to be in the same family with a few of them (we don't talk politics much.) Tea Partiers we also don't hate, although we do wish their caretakers would return them to the mental health facility they escaped from.

From: John Boehner. To: Ted Cruz. Subject: your suggestion. Brilliant strategy, Teddy boy, can't begin to tell how impressive these latest poll numbers are; they just warm the hearts of everybody up for reelection next year. Here's my suggestion to you...grab the first flight back to Texas, try very hard to stay out of sight, out of mind (there are some folks in Washington who would like to chat with you; best not to go there), and if we ever need your advice again, well we'll be duress to call.

All the best,

P.S. I wouldn't plan on being up nights waiting for that call!

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