Round 2: Boycott, Divestment, Debate

Gabriel Arana


Thanks for keeping me brief. I ran out of letters in the subject block. This magazine would be a wonderful place to run a series of pieces on how the Jewish state is supposed to work, what it accomplishes, what it's for, what the idea of it is. If there is such a thing as legal development, law develops by people writing about "there ought to be a law" in this or that situation. Israel seems to have arrived without any such discussion and its continuing presence seems to have as its main effect on law, legalism, legitimacy, and legitimism (to coin a term) the discouragement of discussion about its legal idea. I looked up "Israel" on an electronic data base in the local law school library about three years ago (in the US) and found one law journal article: a plea written by a law student, at some length, for legal scholarship in the US law school community on Israel; he described himself as Jewish. One piece. It's like a David Steinberg joke back before he got trimmed. It's like an Egyptian judge sentencing 528 guys to death for killing one and the same policeman (was he really dead?) (he was REALLY really dead). This is your discussion?