The Magazine

  • Vol. 28 No. 2
    Spring 2017



    • Corporate America and Donald Trump

      Robert Kuttner

      Don't mistake the corporate embrace of diversity for defense of democracy. 
    • Mass Incarceration and the Achievement Gap

      Lisa Morsy

      The impact of imprisoned parents on children shows how criminal justice policy is education policy
    • The Instantaneous Injustice of Bail

      Kamil Ahsan

      For Chicago's poor, who can't afford attorneys, bail hearings often don't last longer than a few seconds—and may keep them in jail for want of a few hundred dollars. 
    • Fighting Child Poverty With a Universal Child Allowance

      David Harris & H. Luke Schaefer

      Expanding a strategy on which liberals and conservatives can agree


    • In Search of Obama

      Julian E. Zelizer

      Jonathan Chait lays out a case for Obama as a transformative president. 
    • How the Religious Right Led to Trump

      Sarah Posner

      Two new books on America's religious history provide key insights into the currents that produced one of the country's least religious and least biblically literate presidents. 
    • Citizen Activism and the Courts

      Jedediah Purdy

      The surprising impact of popular movements on judicial doctrines
    • Why Are Men Dropping Out of Work?

      Michael Hout

      A new book highlights the decline of male employment.


    • Can the Democratic Party Be White Working Class, Too?

      Justin Gest

    • The Anti-Trump Movement: Recover, Resist, Reform

      Peter Dreier

      The profusion of citizen organizing as defense—and offense
    • How California Hopes to Undo Trump

      Harold Meyerson

      America's mega-state is now clearly its leftmost, too—and on social insurance, climate change, and immigrant rights, it has more capacity and desire to defeat Republican reaction than any other institution.
    • Will Suburban Activism Pave the Democratic Path to the House?

      Justin Miller

      If they’re to retake Congress in 2018, Democrats need their newfound activist hordes to focus on health coverage—and diverse, upscale swing districts.
    • No Factions in Foxholes

      E.J. Graff

      Confronted by the crisis that is the Trump presidency, American progressives have overcome identity politics' barriers and joined up in mutual defense. 
    • Trump's Media War

      David Greenberg

      Trump goes after the news media not because he thinks they're strong, but because he thinks they're weak and he can diminish them further. 
    • The Hour of the Attorneys General

      Rachel M. Cohen

      State Democratic AGs have assumed new importance in the effort to contain the Trump presidency.
    • Saving the Planet Goes Local

      Ben Adler

      The Trump administration plans to decimate environmental safeguards—so blue states and cities are stepping up their efforts to arrest climate change.
    • Taking a Scalpel to Medicaid

      Gabrielle Gurley

      Republican claims of their bill's great flexibility for the states are a sham cover for disabling cuts.
    • The War on Regulation

      Rena Steinzor

      Under Trump, it's open season on health, safety, labor, financial, and environmental measures—that protect people who voted for him. 
    • Trumping State Regulators and Juries

      Thomas O. McGarity

      The right backs states' rights when it's convenient—but uses federal preemption to overrule blue state policies. 
    • Driverless Future?

      Steven Greenhouse

      If they ever get the bugs out, autonomous cars will put a lot of human drivers out of work.
    • The Hidden Monopolies That Raise Drug Prices

      David Dayen

      How pharmacy benefit managers morphed from processors to predators
    • The War on Facts Hits Prescription Drug Regulation

      Jerry Avorn

      The FDA's authority was under legal attack even before Trump. Now the agency faces a triple threat. 
    • The Incoming Privatization Assault

      Jerry Mohler & Donald Cohen

      Get ready for everything from private infrastructure and private prisons to voucherized schools and Medicaid. 

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