20th Anniversary Issue: The Good Fight

August 2010


  • Meet Eliseo Medina

    Harold Meyerson

    SEIU's new secretary-treasurer is a champion of immigrant rights and an innovator in the fight to unionize marginalized service-industry workers.

  • Where Race Isn't Off-Limits

    Jamelle Bouie

    Talking about race as if it were a thing apart is to deny the central role it plays in nearly every aspect of American life.

  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to Heather Rogers' "Slowed Good Revolution," Lisa Guernsey's "A Place for Play," and a note from Prospect Executive Editor Mark Schmitt

  • The Middle Man

    David Weigel

    Lessons from life in Washington's ideological gray zone.

  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Tweets to avoid at work, what to do if the GOP pulls off a landslide in November, and The Question



  • A 20-Year Odyssey

    Robert Kuttner

    Since the Prospect began publication as a quarterly with a circulation of 2,700, it's been a forum for inspired argument, both with the right and within the liberal family.

  • Who Owns Freedom?

    Mark Schmitt

    Do liberals take civil liberties seriously enough?

  • Whoa, Mama

    Ann Friedman

    Palin and her ilk claim to speak for moms but offer no policy solutions for working families.

  • Fire on the Left

    Robert Reich

    Tea Partiers are getting all the press, but it's the anger on the left that spells trouble for Dems in the midterms.

Special Report

20th Anniversary