After Bush: What the Democrats could--and should--do in 2009

January 2008


  • The Long and the Short

    Harold Meyerson

    Covering the unfolding presidential race while also looking ahead to the challenges that will face the Democrats if they win the White House.
  • Cool Warriors

    Mark Schmitt

    The strength of postwar liberalism was not its tough stance against Communism but its deep, nuanced vision of American leadership. Thankfully, that vision is also held by today's Democratic leaders.
  • Pronouncing Our Own Doom

    Thomas Geoghegan

    It's strange that the incarceration rate is not as big an issue in the U.S. now as it was in Dostoevsky's Russia, not to mention Dickens' England. When will the United States wake up to the problem of our growing prison population?
  • Reparations Anxiety

    Dana Goldstein

    Brown University announced that it will give a $10 million endowment to local public schools to atone for its involvement in the slave trade. But reparations alone will not address the ongoing segregation of the American education system.