The President Doesn't Matter (As Much As You Think)

October 2008


  • The Hardest Lesson

    Robert Reich

    As the banking system collapses, politicians and journalists are ignoring one of the main causes of the crisis: massive inequality.
  • Third Term's a Charm

    Dana Goldstein

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's quest for a third term may signal a turn against the term limits enacted around the country in the early 1990s.
  • Battle of the Narratives

    Robert Kuttner

    The final days of the 2008 campaign can be understood as a battle of narratives about the economy -- and Republicans are having trouble figuring out just what theirs is.
  • Who Knew?

    Mark Schmitt

    Political thinkers used to ask if the public was sufficiently well-informed to govern. Today the question is whether anyone is.



  • Unions Confront Race at the Doorstep

    Harold Meyerson

    In all-important Ohio, labor has finally taken on the challenge of persuading its white members to vote for Barack Obama. Will it be enough to change working-class voters' minds?
  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Dick Cheney could open an S&M Dungeon, we make some some safe predictions about the election, exactly the same number of people believe God has spoken to them as approve of the job Bush is doing as president, and T.A. frank has another parody.
  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to Sam Boyd's profile of Rachel Maddow, our special report on race and the economy, and Robert Kuttner's coverage of the economy. Also, a message from Prospect Executive Editor Mark Schmitt.