The Revolt of the Comic Books

November 2007


  • When We Get Behind the Wheel

    Thomas Geoghegan

    Here's some advice on how to proceed once we've got the keys to the congressional car.
  • The Iran Wedge

    Paul Starr

    Between the GOP's wave of congressional retirements and its lackluster presidential candidates, the party's prospects are looking dim. But they have one cheerful possibility on the horizon: war with Iran.
  • Eyes Wide Open

    Garance Franke-Ruta

    Edwards has become the nation's most important spokesman for poor and middle-class America.
  • The Moral Equivalent of Optimism

    Mark Schmitt

    It's a propitious moment to revisit failed 1970s' attempts to combine the aspiration for a better future with a sense of shared commitment and engagement in building that future, and this time, to get it right.



  • Correspondence

    The Editors

  • Haunted by the Hippie

    Paul Waldman

    Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is the most conservative Democrat running for president, the right makes her out to be a radical. Perhaps this is because the right still fears the social change hippies represented.
  • UpFront: Pinless Cures

    The Editors

    Telling non-flag-wearers where they can stick it, suitable third-party conservative candidates, the Supreme Court justice nobody knows, and The Question.

Online Extras


  • Prince William's Folly

    Tara McKelvey

    In the Virginia suburbs of Washington, one county has declared war against its undocumented immigrants. With exceedingly limited political clout, the immigrants are still finding ways to fight back.
  • Bush's Neo-Imperialist War

    John Judis

    Our Iraqi occupation not only rejects American foreign policy since Wilson, it's a throwback to the great power imperialism that led to World War I.
  • In Iraq Forever

    Spencer Ackerman

    Despite the Bush administration's party line, construction of permanent U.S. bases along with long-term plans for troop presence continue apace.
  • The Sisyphus from Searchlight

    Terence Samuel

    The question of Harry Reid's effectiveness has been a parlor game in Washington since he took over as minority leader. But has Reid been judged too harshly for Democrats' failure to end the war?
  • Who's to Blame for the Brave New Economy?

    Robert Kuttner

    Are we all complicit in the erosion of economic stability in American life? Or are corporate and financial elites the culprits? Our resident Roberts -- each of whom has authored a new book on the political economy -- argue the responsibility question.
  • Tomorrow, the World

    Joshua Kurlantzick

    Flush with cash and ancient hatreds, American evangelicals are incubating a Christian right in secular Europe.
  • Abolish the Air Force

    Robert Farley

    What it does on its own -- strategic bombing -- isn't suited to modern warfare. What it does well -- its tactical support missions -- could be better managed by the Army and Navy. It's time to break up the Air Force. PLUS: Farley discusses his case for abolishing the Air Force with several bloggers.