Youjin B. Kim and Lisa Danetz

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An Antidote to Voter Suppression

Yesterday, hundreds of non-partisan organizations came together for National Voter Registration Day to ensure that hundreds of thousands of Americans will be able to exercise their freedom to vote and make their voices heard this upcoming November. While a 21st century upgrade of our elections system is desperately needed to make a National Voter Registration Day unnecessary , we take this moment to recognize several states around the country that make every single day a “state voter registration day” by ensuring that voter registration services are provided at public agencies under the National Voter Registration Act ( NVRA ), commonly known as “the Motor Voter Law.” Many of us have experienced the Motor Voter Law when we have visited a motor vehicles department and have registered to vote or updated our voter registration information. Less well known is that public assistance agencies also are required to offer voter registration services. Unfortunately, over the first ten years...