Gunfight at the GOP Corral

Three items to ponder: Republican gun hypocrisy, a win for reproductive rights, and the Fed's rate hike.

The War on the Poor

The welfare reform of the 1990s left millions of Americans near destitution.

The Irony in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz's Argument Over "Amnesty"

The GOP candidates are competing to be the toughest on immigration, but a path to citizenship is quite popular with Republican voters.

Climate Accord Mobilizes Health Industry

The Paris climate accord has mobilized the health-care sector and will have sweeping impacts on public health.

The Gross Oversight in the Fed's Decision to Raise Interest Rates

Traditional economic theories don’t take into account how much power U.S. workers have lost.

GOP Riders Fuel Secret Spending

Conservative riders in the new omnibus budget bill explicitly ban the SEC and IRS from taking critical steps against dark money spending. 

How Congress Scuttled a Plan to Save Puerto Rico From Default

The GOP really is telling Puerto Rico to drop dead.

The Chaos Party

If you find comfort in the notion of a Republican Party in disarray, you may wish to reconsider.

Accelerating the Fight Against ISIS

Going into 2012, Obama had Osama. Going into 2016, the Democrats need the fall of Raqqa and Mosul.

The Labor Prospect: Is There An On-Demandate?

Seattle votes to let Uber and Lyft drivers unionize, Black Lives Matter targets police contracts, and the White House comes out strongly for the Cadillac Tax. 

Thinking About President Trump

Frightening as it may seem, the Donald could actually win the White House. 

Ouf! France Dodges a Political Bullet

France's far right was dealt a major blow on Sunday but it remains a powerful political force. 

Will Big Finance Join the Fight to Curb Global Warming?

Economic imperatives are starting to drive the fight against global warming, and that could be a game changer.

The Republican Presidential Primary Is About Only One Issue

The contest is really about who can best reflect voters' anxiety back to them. 

School Closures Hurt Communities, Advocates Warn

As President Barack Obama signed a sweeping education overhaul into law, opponents of school closures gathered on Capitol Hill.