Gillibrand Steps Up for Working Women

The proposed FAMILY Act includes many provisions that could revolutionize paid leave on the federal level ... if anyone in Congress would pass it.

Shocker: Health-Exchange Websites Can Be Done Right

An outside site tries to do what Healthcare.gov can't, but at least one state has gotten it right. 

The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion

Hundreds of restrictions couldn’t reduce women’s demand for the procedure—so now anti-choice laws are cutting them off at the source.

Darrell Issa, the Obama Administration's Best Friend

Just imagine if the Republicans had someone running the oversight committee who wasn't a bumbling fool.

Will Amazon Swallow the Postal Service?

They're exploring Sunday delivery, but only for packages sent by the online shopping behemoth. If they're going to be fair, they have to open it up to other retailers.

Why Lara Logan Won't Lose Her Job

She's a rising star, and CBS doesn't fear liberals the way it fears conservatives.

Fifty Shades of Purple

If the parties started competing for votes across the map, the real winner wouldn't be Democrats or Republicans; it would be small-d democracy. 

The 40-Year Slump

From 1954 thought 1974, American workers brought home most of the wealth that they produced. Since 1974, they've steadily lost power—and they're getting just a fraction of the wealth they produce today.

When Robots Take Over, What Happens to Us?

We interviewed James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, to see what happens when we're no longer the most intelligent inhabitants of Earth.

Why Isn't Everyone More Worried about Me?

Maybe the most ridiculous Obamacare "victim" story yet.

Between a Rock and a Polling Place

President Obama's numbers are pretty unimpressive. Building an excellent website or leading better are unlikely to fix them.

Who’s on First? Under Boehner, It’s Always the Senate.

Forget about the Hastert Rule. The House speaker has his own, which is going to make it difficult for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and a handful of other legislation to pass.

Obamacare Expansion in the Offing?

If Republicans are going to cry about people losing junk insurance, take the opportunity to expand the ACA.

Rob Ford's Tragedy, Our Shame

There's no question the Toronto mayor is unfit for office, but the way our culture treats addicts in the public eye is downright embarrassing.

Twitter Is Neither Our Salvation Nor Our Doom

Don't believe the hype, or the dire prophesies either.