Can Nikki Haley Save Her Party?

In her State of the Union GOP response, the South Carolina governor was deployed as a Trump-stopper.

Janus: Son of Son of Bush v Gore

Janus, like Friedrichs before it, accomplishes two things: It smashes unions and could help defeat Democrats.

Charged with Firing Teachers for Organizing, a Chicago Charter Network Settles

The deal, which Urban Prep agreed to this week, represents the largest unfair labor practice settlement for charter teachers to date. 

The Labor Prospect: Friedrichs's Fate

What losing Friedrichs could mean, the impact of $15 in New York, and investigation discrimination at temp agencies. 

Sanders, Trump, and Economic Populism

Why populists in both parties are gaining support.

Europe's Democratic Deficits

Until Europe can commit to a common future, democracy will continue to struggle.

Hawaii Long-Term Health-Care Bill Serves as National Model

Hawaii legislators are tackling the nation's elder care crisis head-on with a bill that would offer universal long term care to the state's senior citizens.

With Much of Climate Policy in State Hands, Will Commitments Be Enforced?

A pair of legal battles will help determine how far states will go to implement their climate laws. 

Why Republicans Wouldn't Actually Repeal Obamacare

It would be a political disaster, but it hasn't yet stopped them from trying.

Inside Bangladeshi Factories: The Real Story

A new report goes beyond the sanitized inspection regimes to hear from the workers themselves.

New Education Law Sparks Civil Rights Concerns

While in many ways an improvement over No Child Left Behind, the new education law could make closing the "achievement gap" more difficult. 

Why Are Democrats Voting for Israeli Settlements?

The Customs Bill, set to pass the Senate soon, includes a provision protecting Israeli settlements. 

Gun Lobby Starting to Meet Its Match

The NRA and its allies remain a powerful barrier to meaningful reform, but gun safety advocates are beginning to fight back.  

Creditors Cry Foul as Puerto Rico's Default Is Smaller than Expected

The pain caused by Puerto Rico's financial crisis is very real, despite what investors may think. 

Building Myths on the Border

Trump and Cruz’s “immigrant horde” ads are just the latest in an 80-year tradition of GOP demagogy and lies.