The Glory of Earned Media

The Washington Post gives Bobby Jindal a big wet kiss.

Equal Opportunity Soldiers On

Finally, the military will start to hire the best person for the job, whomever she might be. 

Workers, Not Babysitters

There's still a long way to go to ensure domestic workers have the same protections as other workers, but progress is coming. 

Don't Go Chasing Reagan Myths

President Obama shouldn't try to be the liberal version of the conservative hero. He should just get stuff done.

Women to Serve In Combat Units

And I'm guessing the protests will be minimal.

Virginia Republicans Move Forward with Mass Disenfranchisement

A bill to rig the state's electoral vote allocation has moved out of committee.

Labor, and Middle Class, Still Shrinking

The Bureau of Labor Statistic’s annual report makes for grim reading.

What If They Held an Election and Nobody Won?

Netanyahu was defeated, even if he stays in office.

Why Balance the Budget?

It's not necessary.

There is No Spending Crisis

The government's spending has been flat for the last two years.

How Old Is Too Old?

It's a question voters will inevitably ask.

Republicans are Seriously Considering a Plan to Rig the Electoral System

Rather than change their ideas, the GOP is considering a plan to change the rules to win elections.

Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Marry

Many in the LGBT community may not realize it, but we have Roe v. Wade to thank for same-sex marriage.

Invisible Workers, Global Struggles

From the home to the streets, domestic workers organize to counter abusive job conditions.

The Truth about Student Debt

In 40 percent of cases where a student loan debtor sought forgiveness of their loans as part of a bankruptcy case, the judge granted at least some relief. Only 0.1 percent took the bait.