Meet Trey Gowdy, GOP Benghazi Attack Dog

Watch his YouTube videos and you'll understand why John Boehner picked him to lead the Benghazi select committee.

What a Real Propaganda Campaign Looks Like

As the Republicans' scandal calliope winds up, this is as good a time as any to remind ourselves of what happened just a little over a decade ago, even as memories fade.

The Bitter Truth about the Settlements

How can talks succeed when, throughout the negotiations, Israel is building on the very land that would comprise a Palestinian state?

The Difference Between Liberal Justices and Conservative Justices

Both kinds of justices take into account whether they're sympathetic to the plaintiff, not just what the Constitution demands. But a new study shows "in-group bias" much more in evidence among the conservatives.

Trump's Big Mouth Got Him Elected President. Now It's His Undoing.

Trump's ugly, undisciplined rhetoric could now have actual legal consequences. 

That Sinking Feeling: Trump’s Coast Guard Charm Offensive

The embattled president drew rebukes for his self-absorbed commencement remarks. Compared with his predecessors’ graduation speeches, his address fares even worse on the issues of the day.

Southern Discomfort

Joan Didion’s notebooks on her 1970 trip through the South offer a ghostly assessment of our current times.

A Test of American Democracy

In attempts to undermine democracy, state lawmakers have set their sights on the courts.

The Poor Die Younger

A new report reveals dramatic differences in life expectancy between classes.

Trump: The End Game

If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly

—Shakespeare, Macbeth

Trump’s Assault on the ‘Administrative State’

Everybody loves to hate government workers, but Republicans have set out to dismantle merit-based civil service rules that protect against patronage and graft.

In Russiagate, Keep Your Eye on Pence

If Democrats are smart, they’ll explore the vice president’s role during the transition.

America’s Most Dangerous Temp

Trump’s temporary appointee as chief bank regulator has spent his career helping banks evade regulations—and is exempt from the standard ethical safeguards. 

Mass Hacking: Time to Go Offline

As the recent ransomware attack demonstrates, some large, essential systems may need to go offline.

Trump's Loyalty Crisis

He demands it from everyone, but gives it to no one.