The Contraception-Mandate Cases Aren’t Really About Contraception

They’re about expanding religious-freedom rights for corporations. 

Are the Obamacare Clouds Breaking?

Encouraging news is coming in.

Neocons Fail Negotiation 101 Yet Again

Why giving the Iranians something to lose could be the key to getting them to dismantle their nuclear program.

But What Does Iran Mean for 2016?

An effort to squash this debate before Politico starts it.

Drone War Testimonials

A reporter sits down with one Pakistani family who traveled more than 7,000 miles to tell their story to Congress—only five representatives showed up to listen. 

Obama's Nuclear Step Forward

The deal with Iran marks a victory for a more progressive approach to foreign policy.

No, the Failure of Obamacare Would Not Lead to Single-Payer

If that's where you want to go, chances are better for getting there through the Affordable Care Act's success.

Who Knew Nerd Click Bait Was So Sexy?

Media outlets are racing to attract the wonkiest and the geekiest to crunch numbers for their publications. How did that happen?

In the Weeds

Can Colorado and Washington make legal marijuana work?

Governors Make the Best Presidential Candidates, Say Governors

And generally speaking, they're right.

The Immigration-Reform Movement Grows Weary

As this week's series of demonstrations on the National Mall shows, it's hard to rally citizens when Congress seems incapable of responding to their demands.

Insurance Companies Got You Down? Stupid Obamacare!

If your insurance company behaves like a rational capitalist actor, it's obviously Barack Obama's fault. 

America in Words and in the Crosshairs

This week's anniversaries of the Gettysburg Address and JFK's death are reminders of the true audacity of our democracy.

Razing Arizona Women's Health Care

The state attorney general wants to enact a law that would strip Medicaid funding for preventative health services from any clinic that provides abortions. 

Don't Believe the Republican Cries of Vengeance

They would have gotten rid of the filibuster at the first chance they got, regardless of what Democrats did today.