Trump’s Gratuitous Damage to Global Harmony

A bogus deal with North Korea is only one of several arenas in which Trump is setting back world peace.

Amazon to Seattle: The Housing Crisis Is Not Our Problem

If this is how Amazon treats its first hometown, what does that mean for cities competing for its new headquarters? 

To Bring Drug Prices Down, Trump Proposes -- Nothing, Really

Eschewing policies to lower costs here, the president tells drug companies to raise their prices abroad. (We’re not making this up.)

Look What You Made Them Do

From to neo-Nazism and white nationalism to Trump's election, conservative writers are blaming—who else?—liberals who call out racism.

Stop Talking About SNAP Fraud

The country spends millions of federal dollars to combat an extremely rare problem—food stamp abuse.

OPM Director Wants Federal Workers to Join Retirement Race to the Bottom

Few civil servants work for the federal government to get rich, but at least they can count on a decent pension. The Trump administration wants to change all that.

Republicans Are Hard at Work to Turn Staten Island Blue

The Trump faithful in the only GOP quadrant of New York City may go for an ex-con Steve Bannon guy in June’s Republican primary.

The Trump Presidency: Oligarchs, Billionaires, Corporations, and Porn Stars

Hate isn’t the point of this administration; it’s a tool.

How What We Do There Drives Central Americans Here

It’s the United States that has unleashed the chain of violence that has forced thousands of refugees to seek asylum here.

Teachers Are Finally Winning Raises, But Many of Their Co-Workers Aren’t

The public’s support for teachers isn’t there for pre-school teachers or school bus drivers, who often don’t make a living wage.

Birthday Greetings to Karl Marx

Marx got some things right after all, but he got one big thing wrong. 

The Financial Hardships of Trump’s Friends

Trumponomics is a thin veneer of an excuse for giving America’s rich—already richer than ever—whatever they want, while sticking it to everyone else. 

Government Remains the Biggest Obstacle to Fair Housing

Washington does a poor job of enforcing the laws that protect Americans against housing discrimination. Under Trump, this situation has gotten even worse.

Why the 2020 Census Citizenship Question Matters in the 2018 Elections

Red states will suffer if that question is asked—but Republican state attorneys general haven’t even murmured a protest.

Don't Expect the Trump Scandals to Tie Up Neatly

It's a jumbled, bumbling mess—but that doesn't make it any less scandalous.