Don’t Just Whack Wells Fargo’s CEO

Target his highest enabler: The Supreme Court.

Massachusetts Charter School Debate Could Turn on Funding

A ballot initiative to expand charters in the Bay State may put fiscal pressure on cash-strapped municipalities.

Could Clinton Tame Congress?

How a Democratic Senate might shift the legislative dynamics.

The Strange Sympathy of the Far Left for Putin

Jill Stein and Jeremy Corbyn have been among the apologists for Russia's crimes in Syria—alongside Donald Trump.

Will The Nation’s Capital Become a National Leader on Paid Leave?

Washington, D.C.'s city council is considering a bill that would be the country's most progressive paid leave policy.

Will Black Lives Matter to the Supreme Court?

Three cases provide cues on how the Court may handle race and criminal justice questions that are roiling the country.

No, Trump Hasn’t Destroyed the Christian Right

The Republican nominee simply exposes the movement’s true aim: preservation of white patriarchy.

My Great Depression

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will, counseled Antonio Gramsci. But in 2016, pessimism is gaining the upper hand.

Going Local in the Fight Against Inequality

What progressives can learn from de Blasio’s policies in New York City.

The New Labor Movement: Solidarity Without Conformity

A union president explains how labor should adjust to changing times.

As License-Plate Tracking Increases, Privacy Advocates Press for More Regulation

The powerful, largely unregulated technology poses significant privacy and civil liberty risks.

The Nightstalker

Donald Trump’s wandering, ominous presence at the debate called to mind a famous monster—though his pronouncements were more monstrous still.

If the 2016 Campaign Were a Satirical Novel

It's almost a bit too on the nose to be a biting caricature of American politics.

Recreational Marijuana Ballot Measures Usher In Next Phase in Drug War

With five states poised to vote on legalizing pot, millennials and minority groups are key voting blocs.

The Hardened Divide in American Politics

When did hyper-partisanship begin? Pre-election polling data point to the mid-1990s.