Trade Politics and the Presidential Campaign

Why Clinton’s criticism of trade deals like the TPP should be taken with a grain of salt.  

Trump Snubs Republican Mayors

Donald Trump wrapped up his convention without one word to Republican mayors, which should come as little surprise for a candidate with essentially no urban policy agenda.

Ivanka Trump is Evidence of Her Father’s Misogyny

The women who sing the Republican presidential nominee’s championship of women all report to him, proving to followers the natural order of things.

Trump's Dystopia

Trump’s dark warnings and grandiose pledges that he alone can save the troubled nation sound an ominously authoritarian note.

Philly’s New Mayor

How many progressive changes can Jim Kenney bring to an old-style city with an antique political culture?

Photo Essay: Cleveland Protests

Protesters, onlookers, and police from around the country converged in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.

Plotting the End of Super PACs

Having met with skepticism earlier this month when they lodged an FEC complaint challenging super PACs, reform advocates are now rallying behind a St. Petersburg ordinance that would ban super PACs locally.

Immigration Advocates Speak Out in Cleveland

At a convention marked by anti-immigrant sentiment, organizers gathered for a “Wall Off Trump” demonstration and pledged to boost Latino voter turnout in 2016.

Boos for Cruz

The angry outbreaks that have disrupted this year’s GOP convention haven’t been seen since Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Dispatches From Cleveland: Day 3

The Prospect's ongoing coverage from inside and outside the 2016 Republican National Convention. 

Citizen Trump

Friend of the (white) working man, palace-dweller, narcissist supreme—is Donald Trump the real Charles Foster Kane?

In Trump, Conservatism’s Old Guard Sees a New Goldwater

Win or lose, the GOP nominee stands to change the party in ways the right can celebrate.

Will the Green Political Machine Foil Trump?

Donald Trump’s climate denial has fired up environmental activists who have launched an early and aggressive voter turnout effort that could help Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Solar Eclipse?

Can the U.S. have a coherent solar policy in the face of China’s strategic trade moves?

Dispatches From Cleveland: Day 2

The Prospect's ongoing coverage from inside and outside the 2016 Republican National Convention.