President Trump Is Wrong: The Postal Service Is an American Treasure

The president's attacks ignore the incredible scope of the agency's work—and the hundreds of thousands of good jobs it provides. 

Is Manufacturing’s Future All Used Up?

Though the efforts to revive our much shrunken industrial sector may seem quixotic, manufacturing still matters to the nation’s economy—and its psyche.

Why the Republicans' Tax Cut Won't Save Them from Political Disaster

Don't count on the middle class thinking they received a gift. And don't count on trickle-down economics.

The Rehabilitation of Antitrust

Time to overturn the revolution wrought by Robert Bork. We need antitrust more than ever.

The Clip That Could Convince Centrist Israelis: Occupation Duty Is Hell

A video of soldiers refusing to respond to a Palestinian girl's taunts may succeed where harsher images have failed.

GOP Tax Victory Puts Drinking Water at Risk

With cities already struggling to comply with federal drinking water standards, the GOP tax legislation eliminates a critical tool for financing improvements.  

New Year’s Resolutions for Democrats

The new year may bring some openings for Democrats, but only if they don’t start acting like their political opponents.

Law and Disorder in North Carolina

Since Republicans gained control of the North Carolina legislature in 2011, judges have emerged as some of their staunchest adversaries. Now lawmakers want to curb state court powers.

Getting Arrested for Opposing the Tax Bill

The Republican tax proposal, soon be signed into law, will particularly impact the health of people with disabilities.

What Happens If Trump Fires Mueller?

The president can try to oust the special prosecutor, but it won’t be easy—and it won’t be the end of Trump’s legal problems.

On the Road to Kleptocracy

There's nothing subtle in the Republican tax bill. Just a naked grab for the commons. 

The Tax Cut and the Fake Trump Boom

While the economic boom looks pretty good now, it won’t look so great by November 2018.

Trump’s NLRB Showers Big Business with Gifts, Workers with Coal

While all eyes were on the tax bill, Trump’s new labor board quickly and quietly undid a number of Obama’s pro-worker reforms. 

Democrats Can't Stop the Tax Bill -- But They Can Make Republicans Pay

In the lead-up to the 2018 midterms, Democrats will need to remind voters that the GOP pushed through one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation in history.

Reimagining the Tax Code, Getting There with Grassroots Activism

Tax policy, which can be deadly dull, hasn’t inspired much enthusiasm for activist campaigns—until now. Advocates could leverage this energy to push for a progressive tax code.