Citizen Activism and the Courts

The surprising impact of popular movements on judicial doctrines

Could Bill O'Reilly, the King of Cable News, Be Going Down?

Advertisers are fleeing his show and his future is in doubt. Here's why it's happening now, when he used to be invulnerable.

Trump’s Housing Hypocrisy

The president owes his wealth to government-subsidized housing, but his new budget slashes housing aid for the poor.

A Democrat Tries to Pull Off a Kansas Miracle

With Republican Representative Mike Pompeo gone to the CIA, Democrat James Thompson is hoping for the upset of all upsets in Tuesday's special election in Wichita.

The Green Wall Against Trump

He may repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan, but states and cities can, and will, still do a lot to advance clean power.

Pro-Gorsuch Ads Backfired

Conservatives spent millions on ads to pressure Democrats to back Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, one key reason many are now voting against him

Mark Meadows Wants the AHCA to Take Even More from the Poor

The House Freedom Caucus leader—our Trickle Downer of the Week—wants to allow states to undo preexisting condition protections and thin out health-care coverage, exacerbating the deep policy inequities of the AHCA. 

Can Trump Handle China?

During the campaign, Trump made a lot of promises to balance U.S. trade with China.

Trump & Friends’ War on African American Women

A pattern is emerging in the administration’s scandal-defense playbook: Go after black women.

The GOP Debacle and the New Poor

Republicans have made a key miscalculation in their decades-long strategy of attacking social programs.

Fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter Join Forces on Anniversary of MLK's Death

Forty-nine years after King was assassinated, the left’s organizing vanguards seek to continue his work. 

Needed: A Democratic Shadow Cabinet

Leading Democrats could hold Trump accountable for his bizarre positions and offer more attractive alternatives every week.

The Progressive Agenda Now: Jobs and Medicare for All

Playing defense is necessary, but Democrats need some compelling ideas on offense as well.

When All Else Fails, Cut Taxes for the Rich

The Republicans are about to start an ambitious tax reform effort. Here's where it will end up.

Trump’s Crash Course in the African American Experience

The Congressional Black Caucus got back to basics when they met with the president. But what they may get out of the encounter remains murky.