What CEOs Do for a Living

Not to put too fine a point on it: Disinvesting in productive enterprise and rewarding themselves for doing it

Will Washington Pass Nation's First State-Level Carbon Tax?

After years of gridlock on climate action, Washington state could soon pioneer the nation's first tax on greenhouse gas emissions. 

Fear of Women Is Key to Donald Trump’s Misogyny -- and America’s

It’s not just Megyn Kelly’s questions that so frighten the Republican presidential frontrunner; it’s her gender.

Beyond Deportation: Fixing a Broken Immigration System

The Obama administration's self-contradictory stance on deportation perpetuates a long tradition of U.S. immigration policies that ignore the root causes of migration.

After Incarceration, What Next?

Sentencing overhauls would shrink the nation's prison population, but those released from jail face multiple hurdles to employment, housing, and social services.

The Labor Prospect: Ending the Subcontracting Scam

The DOL cracks down on subcontractors, Walmart promises a wage hike, and the AFL-CIO faces pressure to ditch police unions. 

How Michael Bloomberg Complicates the Election

The former New York City mayor is far more likely to swing the election to the GOP than he is to win.

Acting Education Secretary Champions Economic, Racial Integration

Acting Education Secretary John B. King has signaled that racial and socioeconomic integration will now take center stage in federal education policy.

What Happened to the Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party?

Instead of a debate about their party's future, conservatives are faced with an insurgent they can't stand and a demagogue they can't trust.

On the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a Right Under Threat

Forty-three years after the historic Supreme Court case, drastic new restrictions on abortion target economically vulnerable women.

Why Evangelicals Heart Donald Trump

Beyond the politics of resentment is the Calvinist notion that the frontrunner’s wealth marks him as God’s anointed.

Washington Discovers the Occupation Is not a Good Thing

The U.S. ambassador to Israel has harsh, honest, and long-overdue words about Israeli actions in the West Bank.

Citizens United Fuels Movement for Overhaul

In the six years since the decision, the Supreme Court ruling has unleashed not only a flood of outside election spending, but a surge in public concern over money in politics.

Race-Based Gerrymandering Comes to the Court

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could have far-reaching effects on congressional representation for minority groups.

The Labor Prospect: Unions in 2016

The UFCW endorses Clinton, West Virginia moves toward right-to-work, and Huffington Post officially goes union.