The Supreme Court's War on the Great Society

The ignoble American tradition of using "states' rights" to trump real, fundamental human rights carries on with the Roberts Court's decision gutting the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Ed Markey is Not Martha Coakley

This time, Massachusetts Democrats are likely to win the special election.

IRS Scandal Ends With a Whimper

It turns out that the IRS was "targeting" conservative and liberal groups alike. 

Yes, Justice Thomas, Affirmative Action Is Constitutional

The Supreme Court's most ardent originalist gives us a weak argument against the policy.

The War Next Door

Horrifying as the Syrian civil war is, Israel's best policy option is to stay out.

Is Racism Over? The Supreme Court says, "Who knows?"

On the Supreme Court's decision in Fisher v. University of Texas.

SCOTUS On the Wrong Side of Workplace Harassment

Two employment law rulings have made it more difficult for harrassed employees to lodge complaints. 

My, What a Long Bill You Have!

The silliest argument against comprehensive immigration reform.

The ACA's Obamacare Problem

The law is going to make health care better for many Americans. A lot of them just won't realize it's the same thing as the Obamacare they hate. 

Highway Robbery for High-Speed Internet

Our broadband is getting faster, but we're paying through the nose for it.

The Song of the White House Spokesperson

Jay Carney and his 13 different kinds of evasion

Can We Forgive Alan Chambers?

The leader of the country's largest "ex-gay" organization announces the group is shutting down and that he's sorry. 

Istanbul Rising

A stroll through the feverish streets of a city in turmoil.  

Los Infiltradores

How three young undocumented activists risked everything to expose the injustices of immigrant detention—and invented a new form of protest. 

Americans Disagree and That's OK

A key fact about political life that is often missing from our discussions.